The relationship between webmaster and us

believes that many people often come to the stationmaster’s Internet cafe. Why should we come? It must be necessary for us to come here. That’s what we are going to say today. I come to stationmaster net undoubtedly is the following four points:

one: look at the soft text. Do not tell me, do not understand what is soft text, if you really do not understand, then go search. I was telling the truth, many webmaster online is soft, I attended the party above some Adsense often hear someone say: the website not included? In fact, do good! Go to the webmaster nets hair soft Wen, general new second day included. Look, this is the webmaster network charm to the site so soon included, for us this grassroots webmaster, Why not?! of course, there are still some high quality articles, such as the A5 editor to write their own, there are some Internet elite.

2: watch the news. Attention to changes in the webmaster circle, timely access to Internet information is an excellent webmaster indispensable course, so you can keep up with the trend. Our ancestors once said, we can not K station. Like you want to Baidu included your site, and then give you good rankings, you don’t know Baidu, she will give you the traffic to rank you, wait, dream, unless the day Baidu epilepsy made.

third: send soft text. In fact, that is what writing experience, and say well, that is published articles. Ha ha, I this person is straight, what is what to say. I believe that few webmaster specially run to write an article, and then don’t want to make a connection for yourself. Of course, I’ve seen someone so quiet and selfless. Here, on behalf of the webmaster net, I will give you an oral commendation!


4: looking for resources. Adsense network above advertising more, such as League advertising, space / server advertising, source code resources, friendship links, agent registration, site navigation to include websites. This I often go to stationmaster net to seek, do not know other stationmaster is this, hey hey, of course you can also search. It’s something special,

sum up, we can acquire the relevant information in a timely manner through the station network, but also through the soft paper to make their sites are included and the chain, of course, you can also learn a lot of knowledge and resources related to the station. And if the webmaster network is compared to a forest, then we are that big and small trees, the webmaster network because we exist, we are because of the webmaster network and development.

this article by the Yueyang forum webmaster dedicated to A5 webmaster network, I wish A5 better and better! This article by Yueyang forum webmaster original, reproduced please keep links, kind,


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