Zhu Zerong stationmaster net first more than one cup the essay that has award to write a contest is

      sponsored by the webmaster network first "laab Cup" prize essay contest has ended, the first to actively participate in the activities of all the owners and enthusiastic attention thanks, secondly, so congratulations to the winners.

comment: Zhu Zerong (stationmaster net first, "many cups" prize essay contest judges, founder of Zhuo Xue class)

this competition is divided into two aspects: the voting of the stationmaster and the opinions of the judges. 5:5 is half and half. As one of the judges, I regard the winning works from three aspects:

1, authenticity. And real webmaster story distance in the end how far, the article is to let the webmaster deeply feel the same?. I believe firmly reduction webmaster to real, real experience, true story, the real experience is very important in this selection, such as a piece of work, he tells the story in the total education network experience, obviously, the general store in the station position, angle, and the level of capital, is unable to achieve the scale of operation therefore, although the style of writing is good, but with the grassroots webmaster some distance, so the judges can not discharge on the up link. The development of grassroots webmaster have twists and turns, there is bitterness, have a feeling of sadness thousand, striking one snag after another, but most contestant obviously failed to keep the anxiety, sorrow, pain, once several times to give up and express the direction of transformation. Flavor is delicious, and sometimes is also delicious, hope in the future in the essay contest, researchers pay more attention to this point.

it was this essay collection is the webmaster, shop and many stories and experiences, the author is in the guide writing experience and methods, some stray.

2, ideological. Is there a new inspiration for the webmaster, such as new management ideas, close to the actual development of the station line?. In the judgment of works, we pay much attention to the business ideas of the author, in the end they operate in what kind of website, whether their business direction by reference, they are still in a pragmatic retreat, to other owners have no inspiration, especially in the outstanding works and works out, we are not writing level how to write a good, it seems, of which one will be able to comment on the award of excellence, in the process, substantial business direction and close to the grassroots webmaster, or focus on some very practical and creative business ideas that we consider.

"Wangzhuan reined in, almost let me go on the road of no return" let us a heavy topic, he tells the story of all the owners is a spur, among all the quick selection is a lingering illness, indeed in the webmaster team, there are many webmaster because some "website" to the point of no return, the writing point of view, we make eyes bright, the problem, especially for the first time that all stationmaster station thinking.

3, style of writing. It does not emphasize whether the style of writing is vivid or not. It is true that most of the webmaster is not high, and many writers have low educational level. Writing is more difficult, but can they write in style?

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