Watercress interface of the new revision Fitz’s law to help you interpret the ideas behind

After the revision of design characteristics on

bean, bean navigation caused extensive discussion, all the fize law in the application user interface design once again attracted the attention and attention.

Hai Xu Roy’s article to we introduce the applications of fize law extremely in product interface, through this article we can obtain the understanding that the new revised bean product interface, from the point of view is to follow the "Franz law" the continuous optimization of the user operation.

Today about

(Fitts’ law) Fitzgerald’s law, there are a lot of information online, it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Here is a map, found on the Internet, Fitts is in the mobile terminal on some of the applications.


one, what is Fitts’s law,

?The time required for the

to move from its initial position to the final target depends on two factors: the distance to the target, the A, and the size of the target.

t = a + B log2 (2A / W)

, where a (=0.230s), B (=0.166s) is the empirical parameter, A= indicates the distance between the target and the target, and the size of the W= target. They depend on specific pointing, the physical characteristics of the device, and the factors such as the operator and the environment.


conclusion: the bigger the target, the faster the direction and the shorter the time. Similarly, the closer the target, the faster the direction and the shorter the time. That is to say, the time to locate a target depends on the distance between the target and the current location, and the size of the target (in particular scenarios, of course, there are other factors).


has the law of application

is currently being used in the design of PC and mobile terminal products.

1, in the process of designing the user interface, buttons and some GUI controls should be designed more reasonably. Compared to small controls, it is relatively difficult to click. Therefore, in the current software and website GUI design process, toolbar icons are becoming larger, and some other text description button background area is also increasing.

2, no matter where the mouse moves, the mouse can always stay on the edge of the screen, so the edge or corner area is easier to reach than other areas. Dock Mac OS X system design in product interface design, menu bar at the top of the design, and the Windows XP system interface of the lower left corner of the start menu button design and Mac OS X system interface is of practical application of this theory.



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