Stationmaster faces crisis hold to the development in crisis

environment in the age of information economy, the webmaster to survive and develop, in addition to the program mode of operation follows the questions, analyze and solve problems, but also must have a sense of crisis, the crisis of social environmental factors, but more important is their consciousness.

through understanding, analysis, I think today’s personal Adsense generally face three major crisis:

‘s first crisis, unresponsive to users, or even completely without understanding users.

When the

website just up, webmaster should be very concerned about the user, we are always willing to listen to their views on the site, whether it is good or bad, advice or complaints, we are actively to improve. But when we gradually get up, the flow of the website increases day by day, we gradually find that the voice of users is getting smaller and smaller. They seem to be getting farther and farther from us. What’s the problem,


many webmaster in the station after a period of time, will shift the focus to that increase content and flow, advertising income to go up above. Concerned about whether the traffic has risen or dropped, the union cheating is K, advertising revenue?. There was no time to listen to the needs of users. At this time, only the eyes of the flow and money. Slowly, forget the user’s presence. The website will also in half-dead stage. Can not keep users, you can only rely on search engines and live, which for our webmaster is very sad, which day Baidu see you not pleasing to the eye, you drop the right or direct K dropped, and that is not dead.

if you want to observe the McDonald’s and KFC will find their store is always not far away from the McDonald’s see, KFC also saw KFC; phase, McDonald’s will to fight desperately. Because they all understand, users who enter the door, who won. Regardless of the so-called price war, or VIP services, in fact, are robbed of customers, because every profit from customers, and if you can not create value for customers, customers only leave you.

many webmaster are very concerned about Baidu, care about GOOGLE, if you SEO do good, really can bring great flow, but a go, what’s the point?. After a while the algorithm changes and you have to optimize it. OK, the traffic is up again.. This is sure to keep the flow. Such a station, I think you can only earn a little money, cheat point click, worthless.

second crises: lost in direction, forget who you are.

and I also have this problem, blindly follow the lead of nothing to do, what a peer I want to copy it over, so frustrating after a period of time that is endless, so back to honest do stand.

third crises: love fiddling with

in the large amount of money into the Internet industry, the small and medium-sized website manufacturing false traffic is "forced" to become a common phenomenon, this kind of false serious

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