My decoration site was included in the Amazon catalog feelings

today, August 29, 2009, inadvertently opened the Amazon Catalog: Home Furnishing found our Chinese decoration, decorate the first nets impressively, also ranked eleventh, no small surprise, do not dare to believe, it also points to open the link, is the front page of our website. Amazon catalog included Chinese decoration first net, the mood naturally a little excited.

China decoration first network is on April this year on the line, after two or three months of perfect, I submitted to the Amazon directory. Amazon is the world’s largest artificial directory, Baidu, Google included difficulty than most of the page is submitted on very prominently reads: "please note: we are not a search engine, and our high standard to choose the site of pride. We will not accept all site landing applications." My website is a new station, and I don’t have much hope, but I know my website will be collected sooner or later. Some time ago, about half a month ago, I checked, and has not been included, it was submitted once. The general collection of about a month, so these days do not pay much attention to actually pay attention, do not pay attention to, without any help included, I have to do is copy of this part is honest, to do their own website.

is more than two years ago I decided to start the site, the first site is Zhengzhou home network, this is my second website, I do it a total of two stations, Zhengzhou home network can be regarded as a "pilot", my focus is on the first Chinese decoration network, there is no future plans to do new sites. At the beginning of the Zhengzhou home improvement network, I didn’t know what SEO was, let alone the Amazon catalog. Do more than a year, I learned about the Amazon directory, try to Zhengzhou Jiezhuang network submitted a bit, I did not expect to be included a month later.

said here, you may think that Amazon directory included is also very easy, I think, as long as the station is really doing, it is really easy to collect. Zhengzhou home improvement network, despite the "pilot", but my investment is still great, not half a year ago, the hard work of their own tens of thousands of yuan all voted in. I do not understand the technology, no work experience in the network company, there is no decoration industry experience, all by feeling, in the past two years has experienced a lot of ups and downs, but also learned a lot of knowledge. Explanation of words can be written in the novel, this is only talking about the feelings of the Amazon directory.

1, Amazon directory audit done well, mainly in two points:

1, audit of submission classes

Zhengzhou home improvement network was submitted to the category is: Business: Real Estate: decoration, home, and finally included in: Region: Asia: China: Henan: Zhengzhou: business and economy. Maybe Amazon’s staff think this category is better for my website. The reason may be that the name carries the word "Zhengzhou" and the service area is also the reason for Zhengzhou. Just look at it, it reads: "included in the decoration of home information site, the nature of the site included in the"!

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