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through the ages, the so-called cause, are not a person’s thing. And create a career – entrepreneurship, it is the result of many people work together. In the face of market entrepreneurs amidst the winds of change, want to be successful, it must be a group of backbone, gexianshentong. But some people have differences and conflicts, which requires more entrepreneurs have a broad mind, problem-solving solutions of things, to let people.

said one, first of all, one is short: it was too easy to review the others, but always forget themselves. Two years ago, I visited a small, successful IT hardware class owner and had to admit that he had been successful for 10 years. But he has been a part of the country, only one of 10 employees of small boss, over the same period, many hardware website has been successful in the official career. That conversation, I felt his ability is very strong, but I also noticed his strong sense of superiority – in his eyes, only he did the best. In his company, everyone on the staff’s mind he reverent and respectful, used in pleasing him, rather than how to expand the site. When I told him about Twitter, and when the rice has jiwai these sites of different details, he obviously didn’t know what I said, but he did not bother to listen to what I was saying. Think of Chu hegemony, Xiang Yu is always vain, not at Chen Ping’s opinion, not Han’s grumpy, not fan Zeng’s hot temper, finally we have to leave Xiang Yu. Xiang Yu’s failure is only a matter of time.

guest short is important, but one of the critical point is: because behind success are strong with Microsoft in addition to the early Bill. Gates, as well as the genius of Paul. Alan, Ballmer and Steve.; in addition to the early Yang Zhiyuan and YAHOO, and Sun Zhengyi filo…… Joining the strong is a key step in starting a business. You can imagine how many of those strong unions have had differences. After all, everyone has different ideas. So, if the guest needs short mind, man long requires greater courage, mind even disagree, can make; the distribution of interests, also can let hold; as long as the principle, the right direction can be. It is more wisdom to make concessions in cooperation than to go forward courageously. The stream is a stream because the river is low and shallow; and the ocean is the ocean, for it is all rivers.

The following

, want to talk about a small case, the case is the heroine of Chinese online’s former boss behind the former chairman Song Ruhua, is also the top. Song Ruhua is the top group in the last century in 90s, developing very rapidly, the business scope from the computer hardware, software, education to the Internet, the whole field of IT Everything is contained therein. As the group’s subsidiaries are numerous, so there are many ceos. The problem comes to hold a meeting, the scene is not the total, is the total, Song Ruhua felt the "song" and the title can not highlight their boss status, then renamed himself as "Chairman song". And ask the entire top group, do not allow the second chairman title. But from beginning to end, top internal also deliberately create a "Chairman song" worship.

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