What are the exact methods for adding powder to the public

if the public number is compared to a pond, then fans are fish. Expand the pond, use the water bait to put the fish into the pond, and when the fish are more, you won’t have to catch the fish.

, WeChat and micro-blog are different, WeChat fans do not see the number of fans of the public number, we do not have to pursue fans for fans, to use some powder artifact, or mass promotion tools. The higher the vitality of the public fans, the greater the value of our output, the focus is not on the amount of flour, but the pursuit of the quality of fans. The following summarizes their experience, talk about the public number plus powder what are the precise methods?.

number one, the public name and the title of the article should be good

a convenient memory and search name, so that promotion work with half the effort, others through other ways to remember you, even if others do not pay attention now, which day needs you, through search can find you.

There is a search function of WeChat

, when we are on top of the search a keyword, the search results are arranged (we chat and chat with friends in this record contains keywords), friends (friends share content), local life (including the key local public number name) and related articles (the title of the article contains the keywords).

, so the contents of the public number should not only be valuable, but also include the title of the article title of the industry. A good article headline can greatly increase the exposure rate of public information.

two, website publicity,

website will do promotion, and the website itself has certain flow. Put public number two dimensional code on the website, introduce the flow of the website to public number.

three, the use of test topics to collect user information

For example,

is the fruit of the public, can be a "love to eat the fruit from your character through the" interesting psychological test, when people do the test when the other WeChat can collect information, access to each other’s contact information from. Test results to be shared before you can see, so that the test free of charge to help you promote.

four, industry forums or well-known forums to promote

in the industry is well-known forum forum or related section some users comment on your posts when dry cargo, and to timely reply, this post has been in front of comments will become a hot topic, management as the content of the post of jiajing. At this time, you can edit your post to add your own public number, pointing out that "forum friends" more consultation, recent events can not be used to respond to the computer one by one, we have what problems can add me WeChat?." When the other side adds your personal WeChat, still worry about no way to push your public number,


five, using SkyDrive to promote

can collate information on the Internet and their experience sent to SkyDrive, of course, SkyDrive’s information can not be complete, the information below there are more quality content, please pay attention!

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