Tenacity and determination are the keys to a successful website

nothing in the world can take the place of "firm"

"talent" can not be because there are too many talented people who have not succeeded;

"genius" can not be, because the genius of being buried is not uncommon;

"education" is not possible because there is more educated waste;

only "tough" and "determination" is the key to the success of the webmaster.

if the initial stage, expect to have a lot of traffic, it is unrealistic, it is impossible. Only diligent, steadfast to do so, one day, success will come to you.

in fact, the boundaries between failure and success are very subtle, so when we pass through him, little is noticed. It is so tiny that we are often on its borders without any sense of it. How many people give up as long as they work harder and can succeed when they are patient?. Just as the tide has completely receded and will come back again. In business, sometimes the future looks bleak, but in fact it is the turn of time. Hold on a little more and try harder. It seems hopeless failure can turn into brilliant success. Failure is not a failure unless it is tried. Unless it is within, it is not a setback. In addition to our weakness, we can not achieve the goal, there is no real obstacle can not surmount.

new station www.shise365.com on-line 10 days, has not been Baidu included, but I still insist on updating the content of the site every day, every day to write some articles published in major websites, in order to increase the site of the company. I believe that soon, my station will be included.

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