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today a friend said to his name to my agent platform, I asked him why, he led to disband. We had a long chat on QQ, filled with a thousand regrets.

2 of them are friends, one is a technical expert, one is a business elite (Baidu Inc salesman), the company registered at the end of last year, began operations. This year, through their efforts, helped more than 200 local enterprises to do the web site, as well as other information services. Development to the present scale, their contradictions came out, because they want to occupy a larger stake than the other side, there is the division of labor, such as the differences. Now they have started clearing assets and reselling companies; · · ·

, the company made many friends do, open a shop at the beginning because of funding, contacts, technology and other reasons to choose partners, there are 2 classmates, friends, brothers drink "act" "of course is also thoughtful". These circumstances are often not considered in many ways, but only for the moment. After a period of friction, it was found that there are many problems.

personally, I believe that I can not partner without a partnership. "I would rather have less money than I would like to have one more person," he said. "If you are not a partner, you may pay attention to the following points:

: the first selection of partners, partners is as important as his wife, not me, don’t say casually, this is a business, not a child do family. To find a mind and you almost do, do not work when you say I do less, I said he did not do my good, and after you do not want to say that the money is less, he said shares less.

second: the beginning must be divided into good shares and written agreement, not because of "loyalty" "face" "offending people" instead of doing this thing, first person, after the gentleman. If this is done, even if there is a problem, follow the rules and be good to everyone.

third: in the course of doing things, you must assign your own privileges to other people. You can manage your technology as much as possible, and don’t interfere too much. Don’t overdo your business.

fourth: we have contradictions, you can make a lot of noise, but we must hold a belief that "we are noisy or good, we are all good for the product, the service is good, and the company is bigger and stronger.". Noisy, hit, and then go for a drink, singing, and tomorrow still work.

but I sigh with emotion to write, not very good, but my heart, please forgive me.

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