Content is king the theory of Web Design the difference between copy and plagiarism

The elements of


I’m talking about " imitating " not " imitating "… If you’ve always been ", imitate ", then you’d better stop watching……


elements are nothing more than analysis, comparison, and the division of priorities, which can be modified and cannot be modified.

first analyze what you’re going to do. Write down what you want on each page of your paper. The importance of these content is arranged according to the order of the user experience. Each part accounts for about how much area, in the heart must have a few, the layout is insufficient, what things can be removed, the layout is too big, I can add what content?.

selects the copied web site based on the results of the analysis and the intended style.

by comparing the selected pages, which block applies, which block does not apply?. A number of available further contrasts, based on the analysis of the light contrast, according to their own can be highlighted to distinguish the effect.

picks out the most suitable or suitable sites.

grabs the " of the station you’re trying to copy, ". Find the feeling. Analyze its structure and why it does so or does so well. Can I change my content 100% to its content? Can I change its layout, but it still has that effect? Can I change its style and format is still reasonable?. Can I mess up its layout and still feel comfortable?……

details modify

if you don’t take the fifth step, then please leave, because there is no fifth step is imitation, which means plagiarism, so the following words may make you feel unwell.

"NewWebPick" Twelfth have such an article: < < designers business ten >, > golden laws and precious rules; tenth of them say: Never, ever, attempttocopyothers’designsforanyreasonatall. Itisadeathsentencetoanydesigner, which means """; never try to copy someone else’s design for any reason. This will be the road to death for any designer. " if you think they’re talking too much. Well, I tell you, you either have no ambition, or you can’t achieve anything too high.

plagiarism is shameful, and likewise, it is shameful to post no reference. Plagiarism is used in their own things, barely still can be regarded as learning, but if used in commercial design, it is shameful. Of course, you don’t need to pay too much attention, because plagiarism is a normal phenomenon in china. I used to read <

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