Dry sharing how to operate hundreds of platforms from the media

hundred authors, you should be worthy of these things (absolutely dry goods).

, whether you’re a little white or a great God, see, don’t spray, if you know, then when I’m talking nonsense, if you don’t know, then you should study.

all right, don’t talk any more. It’s going to be bullshit.

1, hundreds of homes were sealed, what about the proceeds?

answer: earnings will also be credited. I have a friend who has already arrived.

How do you get the invitation code for

2 and hundred?


answer: there are several channels for the 100 yard invitation codes. The first is the beauty college, the second is the good-looking City, and the third is the invitation code for some group, but you need to have creative ability. They just give code. (plainly speaking, skilled workers), and the invitation codes are free of charge. But some people reselling charges, fees are, one is (X treasure), one is (reselling), and one is (cheat paper).

3 and 100 are upgraded,


answer, at present, two upgrades, one is automatic, one is artificial. If you say you’re looking for? I will tell you, as a senior from the media, if you even can not find, only that you Daoxing not deep enough.

(of course, you can ask your media friends, maybe they know), do you want to ask why I don’t tell you? I keep silent about this question.

4, frequent posting how to do?


answer: frequent posting, you click the document when a little slower, a little bit of the point. Don’t like epilepsy Meng, the articles are written, why are you in such a hurry. Borrow a word on the road, "Ning stop three points, do not grab a second."". Of course, not only is the author of epilepsy, even Baidu will epilepsy, while posting a frequent mistake. We can only try to avoid, but not 100% change.

4, a bank card, how many

can bind?

answer: I’ve seen the most bound 5 numbers, and of course there are more. So please don’t ask this question next time. Avoid embarrassment!!!


, you can’t say that because of this. A lot of things, studios, or friends. Too many..

5, for the field, it is estimated that we have found these days to log in, there is an opportunity to automatically select areas. How do I choose,


answer: for this is a good thing, but in your choice of the field, please first understand what questions in the field of inquiry, avoid getting the time to send a document, can not find their own field, it would be embarrassing.

The choice of

field means that you will continue to output articles in a field in the future, so you’d better choose your own field, so as to ensure the quality of the article and the output of the article.

okay, >

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