As a webmaster but also continuous learning

talking about website is really a casual thing. About two years ago had operational ideas, free space and registered two domain names had not to implement, really do stand is that a few days at the end of March, I saw the so-called online survey for money, after entering the family free Wangzhuan network, so the establishment of the idea came again. Webmaster road officially began.

buys space and domain names, and then worries about the web site. I am a high school student, said bluntly after high school did not seriously go to a class, on the web at what all don’t understand. What to do? Well, what resources are available on the network, find a web browser, and other people’s Web site down with DW changed, hey, really like that. Do not understand, do not worry, afraid not to try. After so many days of tossing and turning, your website has been successfully installed.

later because I think the website is too simple, I want to find a good website about theft, seek to know the CMS, and then look at most of the sites are using CMS to do stand on their own, so backward, get the manual station, take out or disgrace. Just ask a group of people and the now popular CMS program, and then select DEDE as his website program, also spent a few days in DEDE Global Forum, the harvest is also very much, including learning some basic knowledge of CMS and simple template modification, locally tried again and again, finally is successfully completed, will own website to type.


days is to some forum posting more hard paste, and threw down his website address, but also to the Baidu know to answer the question of the way to promote their own website, but the effect is really not satisfactory. After a few days, no one came in. Now the people are not scared by the Trojan horse? See with the web site are accustomed to that is a bad site. Think about this way is not a way to get effective flow,


is ashamed to have never known SEO before. It was also learned on the way to find ways to promote it. The next few days, I spent my mind on learning SEO. To each big Adsense network to see the data, to point to ask the question, basically a necessary work every day. To tell the truth, although he is only doing a dumpster, but from the beginning of the site to now, 00 pieces of establishment of knowledge learned a lot. I learned a lot too. Always listen to other webmaster said, new Adsense site need to embrace the attitude of learning to carry on, this is very reasonable, at least their experience is the same.

talked so much, just want to say, do and beginners like me, in fact, to learn too much, even if you don’t understand, what does not matter, step by step, difficult to think of ways to solve the problem, not solve is to ask someone else. I tried a lot of people. So, as long as you insist on your webmaster Road, I believe success will be closer and closer to you.

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