Follow Taobao seller transform to build ten super Henzhao high conversion rate


is a full of wars and killings, all princes in this fertile place of battle sites, it is because of this, there are many people admire heroes, may come from the chaotic hero. Engaged in network marketing, where are the pawns, my place of study. It had heard a word, the society is the real classroom, he taught me the basic skills of survival! So, I think the internet no matter what the industry is my teacher, mentor from your body, I will learn many of my living. Recently, research has been done on conversion, and training has also been done on conversion rates. Years ago, I was concerned about Taobao sellers, through conversion training, share today, how I followed Taobao conversion rate.

before the beginning of the text to remind, we are not going to tangle today conversion rate formula and data, of course, this is the core. More about their operating practices, because the rules of the game industry, it can’t break you, don’t hurt here, Zhao Chun! Thank you for reading


one, there is a good story, a moving story can make you cry, that’s the best,

The birth of

every brand is the story behind him, can be sad, beautiful, wonderful world, can move the gods.

Rolex: Andre · heinie Rolex can carry forward in today’s world renowned and the altar table, Andre · (Andre J. Heiniger); heinie inspiration and enthusiasm inseparable. Xia Defen was born in 1921 heiniger, Hans · Wilsdorf the Rolex once saw him, have full confidence and sincere respect for him.

I think the Rolex watch is not only a symbol of dignity, but also a feeling of warmth. So, where’s your brand story? No, hurry up, pick up your pen and write it. In a street in It’s raining and blowing hard. night, except the sound of rain, the rest is just a few weak barking sound…………

two, packaging, re packaging, not afraid of blowing your leather, afraid you will not blow

maybe you’ll think whether this is a conflict with the first one, and I can tell you responsibly without conflict. The first article only as enterprise background to pave the way, and this place to wrap is your product. With the Internet taking up more than half of our lives, you are immersed in reading and appreciating every day, and there are many different kinds of packaging. XXXX University doctorate, the most outstanding contribution award in XXX field, XXX conference’s most popular product. Of course, and we are familiar with JDB, the national sales champion of herbal tea. Therefore, the packing here is only for the packing of the products.

three, different periods, different selling points, different activities,

for business, many companies have done, 38 section >

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