Baidu Probation understanding

from the start, do not know what is web site optimization, website SEO, enterprise SEO, this process is very wonderful, don’t know how the predecessors began to enter this industry, so that even do the originator of the position, I might say SEO the course of my people will say how you might not have what, what no contact can be done now to what are skilled, when I just contact network, the work is so tedious, no goal, don’t know what I do in the end is the wedding dress for who do nothing to me, just give me anyone can complete the work, because no one tell me do these work can bring what benefit, if now tell about his role, be like at that time would double the work over the completion of the task, I optimized so far are Is the enterprise website, there is the hydraulic station of mining machinery, equipment, control cabinet and so on site, can a dragon all yourself is a great thing for me, I really do, their website all hand written full static website, although the former is very tedious, but once up optimization multiplier. I believe that when we say some technical problems or ideas to others, we are actually going out of the way in practice, rather than listening to other people’s routines, so that they can be implemented more effectively.

‘s understanding of the spider’s principle is even more important,

in the early stages of the Internet development, the website is relatively small, information search is relatively easy. However, with the explosion of Internet, ordinary Internet users to find the required information like this specialized search sites look for a needle in the ocean, to meet the public demand for information retrieval was born.

, the ancestor of the modern search engine, was invented in 1990 by Alan Emtage, a student at the University of Montreal in Archie. Although World Wide Web has not yet appeared, but the network file transfer is still quite frequently, and because of the large number of documents in every dispersed FTP host, the query is very inconvenient, so Alan Emtage thought of developing a system file to find the file name, and thus Archie.

Archie works very close to the current search engine, which relies on scripts to automatically search for documents on the Internet, and then index the information for users to query with a certain expression. Because the Archie is popular among users, inspired by the System Computing Services, Nevada university has developed another very similar search tools in 1993, but this time the search tools in addition to the index file, can search the web page.

at that time, the word "robot" was very popular among programmers. Computer Robot refers to a software program that can perform a task without speed at the speed that human beings can not reach. By >

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