The consequences of exposure to a space agent

released a few days ago a soft text, is about their station, but today is not to write the soft Wen, to write space business how revenge my. Anyway, the station has been DOWN here to write articles.

If you are a

just to do station, if you are a just learned how to make websites, want to have their own virtual hosting space, you don’t buy a Xin’an IDC a LAJI space, if you go to Xin’an Google Baidu search IDC can search many comments about it on the space business the day after the exposure of the space station has been


Service Unavailable

Oh, with space for several months, also found that it really is to write GOOGLE a brother like that, they began to space is relatively good pay, after paying the money in half a year, every day DOWN you, Service Unavailable has a lot of people just learning website will ask, cause what impact will be on my website?


first: cause your site doesn’t access properly. That’s for sure,

secondly: Baidu GOOGLE spider can not climb you, a climb, you DOWN, web site can not browse, and other needless to say.

so you really have to pay to make a stand, must choose good business space, the space business IIS IDC Xin’an crooks are fake a station to give you 40, 60, 80, VIP flat-share what few people flat-share on a server, can call customer service to you in Xin’an open the 2 permissions and then run a probe to see other host, I am not very clear, at least I know his 2G 4G VIP all in one server. One day DOWN 2 times a day, DOWN, if you want to select the host, or the host flat-share graph king ideal, I write this article today, I do not intend to use the Xin’an IDC you, because I know I use it for 1 days is 10 DOWN, day DOWN. Want to know who I am? You go check your host’s domain name is, this is me.

finally give you a sincere reminder of the words: Sanlu milk powder is very black heart, but Xin’an IDC more black, I believe the public eye, yes,


I expose you, you do me, then we continue to work, ah, space, I buy other people can not do it, let you famous


thank you. Some of my friends are especially famous for the QVOD movie station, the cattle B characters, the RR special master, the director ice X

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