Webmaster should not only imitate copying

The number of Internet China rise of

in a short period of time will allow us China webmaster circle several times increased greatly, from the earliest domestic few station site now every day countless new birth, which illustrates the development of our Chinese Internet webmaster circle how fast. But most of the webmaster still imitate others.

for example, the first to do site navigation hao123 to the success of domestic overnight, many people began to do site navigation, because everyone can see the site navigation do so much to make money, I do think a can get this money, so even now we often can see a lot of personal webmaster do site navigation site, is not to say not to do, but do not blindly follow the trend, others to do what we do. They say novels stand to make money, and as a result, most of the station owners rush to do novel stands. I think the success of the webmaster, learn innovation is critical, do not blindly follow the trend.

if someone wants to ask how to copy and paste, then you can tell him two shortcuts, copy: Ctrl+C, paste: Ctrl+V. In daily life, there are many successful cases, which are the result of the wisdom and sweat of the party concerned. But there are a few people but is trying to copy the success of the template format, in order to himself will soon also can quickly go on the road to success.

China has always had a parrot saying, but it is also possible that the herd mentality, in short, a lot of people are anxiously from behind others, blindly passive. Such people have no views of their own, lack of rational analysis and the judgement. In fact, as long as you think about it carefully, you should think that both the external environment and personal factors make the successful person different from himself.

, your blind follow the trend is always weak, you are no competition for others, said. The way others walk, will you walk again? Is it appropriate to know that opportunities are always for those who are prepared?. He walked in front of you and took the opportunity. You can go again. It’s just a narrow mountain path. Can you walk out of a bright road?. So don’t blindly copy other people’s patterns.

you can learn from the successful experience of others, to win the length of everyone, to absorb their own. In communicating with others, you can use your observation to understand the information you need, and then use it in the fields you are good at.

so you’ve learned so much about your experience. What else do you have to fear? You know, though you can’t imitate, you can go beyond it. You must try to move in a new direction, turn the success of others into your driving force, and bring endless harvest for yourself.

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