Also said Chen Tong the traditional portal is not dead just evolution

yesterday, Sina vice president, chief editor Chen Tong confirmed as China turnover, the history of the Internet is the most representative of the development of the network news figures, even Chen Tong can be defined as "China network news Godfather", he can go to see Uncle Lin Jun wrote "boiling for fifteen years in many stories of sina". Leave after the news, many people have to take a pretext to discuss the traditional portal of the future, there is more optimistic, mouthing, but no matter what the statement must first figure out who is subject to discuss.

if the decline of the traditional PC portal mode, this is undeniable, as the representative of WeChat mobile terminal diversion, rise of micro-blog on behalf of social media and other popular tiger sniffing and even Baidu 100 industry site, the portal is no longer the only choice of Internet users, mobile Internet is not a wave of the two companies last ditch you can change, but it is important that several major portals are stupid, they will be split and then die? In fact, a few years ago began a multi line layout of the mobile Internet to avoid being eliminated.

so, the problem will return to the " the huge news to attract a large number of users, through the polymerization of ad " this model can go through, obviously, the traditional advertising model is still can continue to create profits. From the four major portals, + Tencent news client against the diversion of micro Xinshou Q still has a high viscosity, NetEase, NetEase and portal news client in terms of content or user interaction is also become an independent school, Sohu Sohu news client portal + what although not too bright, put alone early also accumulated a lot of resources a lot of users, although Sina News in the mobile terminal is behind Sina, but micro-blog has also formed the traditional portal + news + social media with combination of only micro-blog’s market capitalization of more than $3 billion, which is also a hot news frequent places.

it seems that in fact the traditional portal far not as many people say will be shuffling out, just shifted to the news client, news client products vitality and how? According to CNNIC released in the Chinese Internet development report shows that the use of news shift rate reached 74%. The scale of 400 million users, second only to mobile social and mobile search, mobile, mobile phone games and is higher than that of mobile phone video, which clearly shows how the news information needs of Internet users did not reduce, but the eye is more focused on the mobile phone, tablet and other mobile terminal, and leading several news APP products are installed more than 200 million people, even in the mobile phone has also spawned similar headlines today this dark horse APP, so, the lifeblood of the portal C user and the B end of income is transferred to the mobile terminal, if only because the PC flow was eating that portal die, too simple.

from the user base, PC like mobile terminal transfer quite smooth, although the mobile client is difficult to display the full screen hyperlink era of massive news and information, but with the HTML5 form of expression and P>

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