Analysis of ten possible profit models for video websites

, since Google bought the video site Youtube for $1 billion 650 million, there have been thousands of video sites on the Internet overnight, and Youtube’s profit model is the biggest puzzle of these sites. Then, the question of how profitable video sites will be pushed onto the agenda. After investigation, the author sorted out some ideas, hoping to give some inspiration to the video site.

first, the player’s built-in advertising, advertising films before playing or playing video playback, but it is best to put in the video after the end of play. This format has been adopted on some video sites, such as Ku6 networks.

second users, and is divided into model, users upload video hits higher into the more commonly used mathematical arithmetic sequence to calculate for comparison. This form will greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of users to upload high-quality video, thereby greatly enriching the content of the site.

third, in cooperation with manufacturers, it is best to work with MP4 manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers to provide high quality video downloads for their products. This will result in higher hits and increased support.

fourth activities can be held by college students’ activities such as video production contest and other activities to drive traffic, and the campus activities are very popular love business, so as to achieve fame and interests is one double harvest.

fifth, packaging artist, can work with entertainment or record companies, or organize their own talent show format, with the advantages of video sites to promote, the effect should be quite good.

sixth, video advertising creative, creative departments, hire professionals to video production and creativity, with its own media advantages, for enterprises or individuals to produce advertising commercials and so on.

seventh, a content provider, in addition to the production of advertising creative film can also produce their own rich and colorful programs to play, so not only can improve the site’s popularity on the famous gold column will attract advertising. If you can work with the television station, the effect will be even more ideal.

eighth, as the video production software, website operators, technology is a necessary condition for survival, and has a strong technical team can not only develop more suitable site procedures, can also create more value for their own. Because they are fighting on the front line of technical personnel, so you can use these forces to develop video related software for sale (only for technical tough big video site adoption).

ninth, members charge for their own meetings and provide intimate service, is to persuade members to pay the best means. A large number of fee paying members will make a great profit for the website.

tenth, shopping, you can set up shopping channels on the video site. It’s also a good way to get income. For details, please refer to the current TV Direct Selling Company

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