How to improve the effect of mail marketing

believe that many people use email to promote website or shop, according to the current feedback effect is not ideal, the message is now too much if you do not have a good strategy generally do not receive what effect, some e-mail marketing method on the body.

one, automatic feedback

website information users in the most general end information left often don’t remember which had stayed at the site, so if we develop a set of automatic feedback system, when users of the message we can automatically put the main e-mail to tell someone to give him a message attached to the main and leave URL in the mail, so that users can click on URL to view the very nature of others to leave the word, this type of advertising can be very good to attract users back, the statistics China second-hand car using this method every day to get 15% of the traffic.

two, build relationships with customers first,

generally, if he doesn’t know you before sending it to the customer, the effect will be very bad. So we have to think of ways to build relationships with our customers, such as you can become an expert and ask customers to ask you. Specific operations such as can send a paste that you have some who want the scroll has network promotion can leave mail in Baidu Post Bar and other places, so many people will leave the mail when you give them back to the message when they will not feel strange, but the mail reading rate can also raise a lot of times.

three, the design of reasonable mail layout

mail content layout design is very exquisite, in order to improve the click rate of mail content, we must consciously guide the user. What is "boot"? The word may be too professional. People who do Google Adsense are often referred to as "induced". Different formats have a 50% effect on click rate.

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