Beyond SEO chain analysis

for the current network, a company in order to run its own web site, there is no strong SEO is not good, and for a strong, need to do and know more. Among them, the essential data analyst, and colleagues write in the station distribution links and website content is also important to understand the construction and channel of the chain is also a SEO site can not lack of resources. In fact, each aspect of their own web site, SEO must be able to understand colleagues, but also to skilled operation, after all, SEO’s Pro force can only make the site better development. However, with the emergence of Baidu’s new algorithm, many of the site’s SEO began to fall into confusion, do not know from start and go to promote and optimize the. One of the most let you webmaster headache thing is, BBS signature after the chain is regarded as garbage links, how to do the chain is our SEO need to solve a big problem.

In fact,

construction in the new algorithm and policy under the pressure of the chain is the need to be more cautious, because the name from the algorithm we can see is to purify our network environment, to combat illegal trade links and use a lot of junk links to web site promotion. So, how do we build the chain? Well, not much to say, the following began to enter the topic.

In fact,

for the construction of the chain, and now we do not think so difficult, if a long time to do the high quality of the chain webmaster will feel that no matter how the search engine update for their website effect is not much, even does not have any influence on some website is the. Because when these SEO are linked, they don’t just think about quantity, to a certain extent, they are relevant and original. That is to say we should be taken into account in our promotion, we are the promotion of the website is a what kind of company, and our company do outside the chain can be recognized to attract related people to browse and read in that place, so for the correlation of the chain is already do. For example, each of us in the management of the company will be to recruit so for us, the recruitment information website in the construction of the chain can be connected in place, of course construction can not always must be in multi platform construction on a single platform, this kind of words for browsing and search engine it won’t take you as useless junk information.


for the chain itself, the quality is also very important, imagine if we were in the construction of the chain itself, its content is not readable any, so visitors will go to read? Of course not, therefore we must seriously in the quality of check for SEO, at the same time in the creation of the soft, must also be skilled, if every day we only two original words most also can be transformed into a 20-30 chain, then for some large web sites to help.

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