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don’t know if you have seen the "influence" of this book, I feel very well written, we have time to look at the book, the author directly participate in observation, to infiltrate salesman, probation division, collected a large number of convincing case, summed up the 6 basic types of these 6 kinds of persuasion. Types are a guide to the principle of psychology of human behavior as the basis. They are reciprocity, commitment and coherence, social identity, preferences, authority, and shortages.

in my website has just started, when I have set the content column according to the principle, because I was doing flash online training, for a fee, so I need to convince others, let others believe me, he will be willing to go to my card to play money. And for online training, this relatively new model of teaching. Without any formalities, there is no evidence to make others trust is even more difficult. Now let me see what these principles mean to my website.

reciprocity: the principle of reciprocity suggests that we should try to repay others for what we have done in the same way. The classic case is a free trial at the mall". This point I feel particularly profound, remember a time when I get off the taxi, a beggar take the initiative to open door to me, although now begging people too much, but also many of the group, a lie, so numb. But for the beggar I really couldn’t refuse him, because he helped me, if I do not express, I feel owe him, I will feel I will let others give up. Although his help is a bit of a compulsion, it still makes the principle work. Compulsory help can be, if it is sincere to help others, then the effect will be better. This is for all make people apply, so you must provide something of value to others, let others feel your benefits, so he will come again, he will recommend you the website in his friends. At the same time, you should take the initiative to help others, if you really help others, although the sight of nothing in return, but I believe that someday he will help you. So the articles in my website are basically written by myself. I also see the website of the lower right corner of the announcement, if there is what flash related questions you can ask me, I only wrote is doing, I give a lot of flash lovers answered, even they have done a lot of things for free. I don’t ask them to give it back at once. At least I think I’ll be a man that he can trust. Next time some of his friends need training, maybe he’ll introduce me.

there is a reciprocal principle is implicit, if the other party for the first time you put forward a request, you didn’t promise, then he put the request to reduce the difficulty, then you will feel pressure, because you think he is a concession for your patronage. Just imagine if someone asked you to lend 100 dollars, you didn’t agree, and then he said, "80, you haven’t promised yet." finally he said, "50 is OK."

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