From one of Guo Yujiao’s posts talk about the human touch of the A5 Forum

, the day before yesterday, a friend told me A5 BBS, no human feelings, said all the webmaster is for money, in the BBS post, as long as the money does not matter, no one cares.

as a friend said, I do not think, usually just pour in the forum program, sell what sell links, although money is not much, but every month there are hundreds of thousands of income, living expenses of Kazakhstan also can still, but often find intermediary with flat fan, forum administrators and moderators are not too much communication.

I am a very lazy person, I rarely go to think about the A5 of some of the things, as saying that there is no human, there is no deliberate to judge, just think of me as a small webmaster, here also can still earn money.

just accidentally in the forum to see "2 years, I really don’t know how to do" this post, this post is published December 9th is 8:30 last night, as I write this article, 127 back, 1585 hits, 127 comments I verbatim also yes, the envy of AD forum popular sentiment also think you are happy, there are so many webmaster friends have give the landlord to encourage and enlighten, I think the landlord in after reading the reviews should also know how to do.

A5 forum is perhaps not a friend said that no human, I hate all the people look like money, but I hate money, I A5 the purpose is very clear, is to sell links, selling procedures, as for other content to pay little attention to, I do not understand technology, see some help the post I was helpless, my heart just go online to search Kazakhstan maybe the answer came out, maybe I was a bit cold, maybe many webmaster friends like me, just come here in order to "money", and neglected to care about other grassroots friends.

to many webmaster forum is outdated and the A5 forum, to date only one purpose, that is to irrigation, to relax, to A5, quite frankly is for money, now the A5 forum so I do not want to complain here, ignoring other friends complain. And now the backward can not bring me Money.

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