Views on how successful personal websites can be made

1, the best to do other people have not done (this is not possible, but can be said to be less done by others. ) but there are potential markets. 2, website access speed is faster, web page display speed is quick. It is better not to do pop-up ads (facts have proved that the monthly income of pop-up ads for personal webmaster is almost meaningless. (don’t tell me about the "NetEase" popups, which is just a temporary fix to attract customers at the beginning of the website alliance. ) because there is no economic value for popups except that they are objectionable.

3, the content should be as fine as possible, at the same time the number can not be too small, otherwise it can not attract repeat customers. It’s best to update 1~2 times a week, and if it can be updated every day, it’s certainly better.

4, there must be a platform that allows visitors to communicate directly with the webmaster, conditional on the site to establish a forum, or apply for a forum on other sites. No conditions, but also had a message book. In addition, you can consider establishing a web site QQ group.

5, about advertising, I don’t think ads on the same page should be placed too much for personal websites with small visits. A page of more than 2 advertising, it is easy to cause user resentment. In particular, some shoddy, no aesthetic advertising is even more so. This is extremely disadvantageous to the development of the website. It is better to use text, news, advertising, less pictures and flash advertising. At the same time, the ad page is best integrated with the page background so that visitors do not feel abrupt. My station is, I’m interested in it.

6, content repetition, although in the current form, the content is completely original, there is no possibility of repetition with other sites almost nonexistent. But it’s important that you have your own content at any rate. Even if you have very little content and just modify the content of someone else, that’s your own content. This is very important, and I hope you will pay attention to it.

7, remote link, because most of the personal web site is adopted by the virtual host (that is, space rental) way to achieve, in general, there will not be very large FTP space, sufficient bandwidth and very high-speed access speed. So it’s bound to cause a lot of music, flash, pictures and so on. This time you need to pay special attention to, many websites have their own anti-theft chain measures (not allowed to link different places, often change links, addresses, etc.). If because of their negligence, resulting in their own off-site links on the site failure, and they do not know, it will cause a lot of customer churn. So we must be cautious in making remote links, not for the sake of convenience to.

8, HTML, picture processing and perfection, now many >

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