New venture Wu Bo project the United States and Australia financing 50 million yuanChinese porn web


technology news March 21st noon news, Wu Bo start new projects overseas real estate business website in the US Australia announced the completion of the A round of financing, the financing amount of $50 million, led by the DCM investment institutions involved in financing investment, also includes the Xu Xiaoping brothers fund it real fund and Taishan. It is reported that Xu Xiaoping and Taishan brothers fund also participated in the United States and Australia, millions of angel round investment.

website has attracted dozens of Australian and U.S. developers to participate in cooperation, the number of listings included in its background has broken through 10 thousand sets. According to Wu Bo’s plan, the business is expected to spread all over the world in three months, bringing together five continents for sale of property.

, the United States and Australia for users completely free; for overseas developers, the first year is free of charge, there is no shop charge, nor a deposit, developers directly sell the house to consumers." Wu Bo hopes to break through this mode of information asymmetry, so that domestic property buyers benefit, "at the same time, the United States and Australia will review the qualifications of developers to ensure that the interests of consumers."

    "erotic June day" boss Chen Hui by collecting hundreds of thousands of registered members, half naked chat chat room can make a profit of 3 million…… A huge temptation to promote internet porn industry chain, but also to the network pornography industry becomes very mysterious, but in fact, Internet pornography is very lucrative way of "diversification".

        it is understood that the early establishment of general porn forum will be to "free" slogan to attract "people first", with some posted pornographic resources "obscene people" in "people" addiction will gradually increase pornography rights, at the same time with the close the free membership registration, regular cleaning of inactive members of ID and other practices, have registered members feel that the existing members of ID become very "precious", forcing members to obtain increased amount of post, improve the forum integral contribution value, this forum on the "construction" will promote the role. But in the end, it is a collection of membership registration fee. "After your addiction, you don’t want to give money to give money," the source said.

          a server in the United States, called "love X music" porn forum open registration time for all users to provide 3 months of "free experience" time period of 3 months had forced the closure of the post and post reading membership function, force users pay a membership fee, but also known as thousands of overseas pornographic websites to crack the password "carrot", promised to open membership fee. "This" coercion "almost is nowadays porn sites to recruit members’ standard ‘practices".

          the level of membership fees to the rich degree of visibility, depending on the content of the site, generally provide the "original" video download, or web site password will be more affected by registered users, because the yellow information is not other free porn sites. Let them feel "rare" high degree. Chen Hui gave the "erotic June day" set the different levels of the registration fee, annual 199 yuan, 266 yuan, life membership fee of 666 yuan, the highest up to 3999 yuan. The porn forum also spread between the "99 erotic forum" behind the boss "actors" is currently holding a dozen color.

is home to the United States and Australia overseas real estate e-commerce platform, through the US Australia ranks, overseas Real Estate Company can not go through the line agency, provided directly to consumers China cheap, high quality and affordable houses using the internet.

statistics show that in the United States and Australia existing users, more than half 55% from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Zhejiang four regions, in addition to nearly 2 of the users from abroad. Lin Ming

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