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original trading supplement mechanism

Any, company, can, be, listed, but, time, will, tell, the, tale., this is a slang term for the nasdaq.

website to take the promotion of three main ways, below are shared with you.

can not say, can not ignore the listing costs

, NYSE and Nasdaq will levy initial listing fees and subsequent annual fees for listed companies. These fees are usually based on the amount of the company’s outflows. Microsoft MSFT.O listed on NASDAQ in 1986, starting 2795000 shares. Intel INTC.O listed on NASDAQ in 1971, the first 350000 shares. The following table compares the costs associated with listing on different exchanges.

beat NASDAQ on 2014, winning the world’s largest IPO Alibaba. Compared with Nasdaq, the NYSE has a long history and a greater reputation. With the rapid development of global high-tech industries, the NASDAQ is not far behind, showing a strong momentum of expansion, Microsoft, Intel and other technology giants are listed here.

currently has a NASDAQ market capitalization of $7 trillion and 700 billion, and the New York Stock Exchange has a total market capitalization of $32 trillion. Today, the Nuggets three board research center to explore the NASDAQ holdings giants secret company, as well as the new three board reference.


data source: AMEX

taking into account the good reputation of large companies, investors access to information rich channels, more symmetrical information. NASDAQ created the POSIT and Instinet systems. The system as a supplement to the trading system with centralized trading function, display function, matching function, cross trading instructions and execution, to facilitate the listed companies and investors trade directly docking, reduce transaction cost and delay decision, is on the NASDAQ.

two, forum. It’s better to add URLs to your posts. Another point is to find PR high forum, at least PR in more than 3, because the PR is too low BBS, I feel for increasing the weight of the site has little effect. The last point is more important posts is the best original, my own requirements is absolutely original! Because it is more conducive to the collection of sh419, some people say that the original too hard, and that it is not difficult, because the post space not too long, one, two hundred words can be and isn’t it difficult? Of course also can not ignore the quality of the posts, not the pursuit of speed and quantity. Quackish luankan so easy to let everyone dislike, fix your post will be posted as garbage to delete! This day around three forums, each forum issued the most two you can post.

three, published articles, or soft text. Now I have formed a habit of a free writing, are also beginning to feel very hard, very hard, but once insisted a long time will think this is a very easy thing, even a few days do not feel the lack of written what did not like, not falling by this! I also realize a truth: no one what is difficult, but we do not insist, just do what can be made! A5 is my favorite place to go, I write it here first submission, if not published before submission to other places. Through this >

, search engines. Mainly by sh419, shlf1314 despite the inclusion of many, but almost no traffic every day. My station is on line one week after sh419 included, I take methods in improving the ranking method is to buy links, buy links in the same type of station, this method is very effective to improve the site’s ranking in the short term, but to grasp a degree, namely the website don’t buy too many links, in order to avoid let sh419 "suspicious"! I content every day about 5 articles, of which 1 or 2 pieces of pure original, the other is pseudo original, this is about my website in mid May, a primary key in a sh419 ranking and on the first page! But this keyword search volume is small, every day is estimated about 100 people came to the site search, I will flow around 20. Until early June another key I have on the first page of the rankings, can bring me 60, 70 of the flow of these two words every day, and all directional IP, basically every one or two single, I do is slimming products, we can think of a month 2, more than 3 thousand money is completely possible, this is my new master, January is the tens of thousands of There are plenty of people who.

webmaster to do website to have a step-by-step process, more important is pragmatic, firm mentality, not a fat fat person.

in the case of Microsoft, the first 2795000 shares, compared to the table, the NASDAQ and the NYSE listing fees were $10000 and $51550, five times the NYSE listed at the beginning of Feigaodanasidake! In addition, each year $5250 and $16170 were also on the annual fee. With the increase of tradable shares, the two trading venues fee will increase correspondingly, reached 50 million shares, NASDAQ fees reached peak, but the annual fee is still the NYSE NYSE continued to rise, the highest annual $500000 reached almost 25 times the giant companies like Microsoft!, in outstanding shares close to 8 billion shares, listed on the NYSE to pay 25 times the annual fee a fee for NASDAQ! So calculated from nature is superior to the NYSE nasdaq.

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