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earlier, Paul Graham also expressed a similar view: "we are at the beginning of an outbreak of start-ups.". Now, whenever a bit of ambition, will at least consider ‘entrepreneurial’ this matter, in other words, entrepreneurship is becoming more and more common sagong". Ultimately, PG argues, the number of startups is not the number of good idea, but the number of good founders. More and more people choose to start their own businesses, and accordingly, excellent entrepreneurs are increasing. "If YC wants to put money into these hands, we have no choice but to scale up," PG told me.

Sam Altman is sacred where he was selected as the godfather of Silicon Valley entrepreneurship Paul Graham Y Combinator known as the Silicon Valley’s first incubator new head. He was one of the first 05 years of employment YC entrepreneurs, with YC source Graham less than a month; he is Stanford Computer Department of dropout, he created Loopt position; service was acquired by Green Dot for $43 million; he is an angel investor, or a popular blog writing. Oh, by the way, he’s going to be 29.

, the name of the blog is not easy too long. The blog will generally have the title and subtitle, the name is too long to cover the subtitle of the meaning, and the blog name is too long will lead to a name of the blog links become long and the influence of themselves and others blog appearance. In addition, the name is too long, may also cause others can not quickly write down your blog name, resulting in a decrease in the number of visits. So that everyone in the sun is empty to the blog name names don’t take too long, should be short and easy to remember.

know some small but was a commonplace talk of an old scholar, still JiaBuZhu want Sam talk about business trends, the results just ask directly to be outspoken Sam to BER back…

three, the blog name, as much as possible with your blog theme. Recently, independent blogs have become more and more. If your blog has a certain theme and a certain set of readers, then your blog name is best associated with your topic. This will show the professionalism of your blog and your readers will be more trusting of your words.

six, use the keyword to make blog name. Recommended for those who pay attention to the flow of theme blog using relevant keywords to do blog name, the same site, search engines will be more trust of the blog site, use keywords to do blog name, maybe soon you will be able to win the first search engine, so as to bring more traffic.

five, sun empty recommended personal blog named ABB style. Now more and more individual blogs take the name as ABB’s style, and sun’s empty is one of them. So if your blog is personal, then I suggest you use ABB’s name to make blog name. This is a very good choice for a personal brand blogger. Sun Kongkong’s blog access source is part of the visitors through search "Sun empty" these three words come over. This shows the importance of a personal brand. If you want your blog name to go far behind, it’s better to take a simple personality name. Perhaps you don’t need to advertise more, and visitors will soon remember you.

": the media always loves to write about the trend, but really promising startups tend to have nothing to do with all the visible trends. To take the trend of that thing if I tell you this: when we sit down to discuss with YC partners which company is expected to enter the $one billion club, we found that more and more companies have this potential, more and more people – this is a business trend, reason is also YC expansion, Sam told me.

diagram note: left is Paul Graham; right is Sam Altman.

wrote here, Xiao Bian can not help but quickly recall the past year, I contacted the Chinese entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, really what kind of

‘Entrepreneurship’ becomes a potluck

two, blog name, try not to use english. On the homepage of the independent blog home, many blogs use English words or phrases to make blog names. If you are not an English blogger, try not to use English as your blog name. Because the visitors compared to English, Chinese to feel more familiar and easy to remember. Also, visitors have a much higher chance of getting a Chinese blog name than in English, so even if your domain name is hard to remember, visitors will also find you through the search engines. There is the love blog with some of the more difficult to remember the words English blog name, this is a taboo, if you must use English, then use some simple words.

four, blog name should be prominent personality. There are so many blogs in the world. How can you have a personalized blog? First of all, the blog name should be personalized. No one cares about you playing the title party, and no one cares about you playing word games. Try to make your blog a bit more personal, and it will work well.

lead: an interview with Sam Altman, he is the godfather of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in the eyes of the horse.

Graham Sam Altman in Paul’s eyes, is a "very clever and rare talkative" chatter, he is perfect for the new head of the YC. Recently, I had the privilege of YC activity in close contact with this full of go after 80, please ask him to give you going on this change in Silicon Valley venture capital circle.

diagram note: left is Sam Altman.

seven uses the correct syntax rules to make blog names. In other words, do not make some strange, eight strange self made words to do blog name, is not conducive to SEO excellence

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