Brave innovation Farewell to Taobao hand in independent shopFounded only three years revenue of 1

Raytheon technology once said, "to do the game industry" millet". In terms of speed of development, Raytheon compares favorably with millet.

data show that in the current market of the new board of TMT company, the market value of more than 3 billion companies and only China car, the king of the children, New Oriental net, London, Lin long shares, steel silver electricity, ink Lin shares 7, Thor will be landed three new board, becoming the market value of eighth TMT company

When the ?Taobao

April 2014, Raytheon technology was founded. In 2015 and 2016, the company’s operating income was 523 million yuan and 1 billion 46 million yuan, respectively, and the net profit was 17 million 532 thousand and 600 yuan and 21 million 955 thousand and 800 yuan respectively. In 2016, the company’s game notebook revenue of 864 million yuan, accounting for 82.6% of total revenue.

yes, Taobao are popular shopping territory, there must be more business opportunities, but when you burn money, this loss, eyes red stew, body tired, but you can only see that only a few successful blankly Fasha, why he became, you have to leave? Or even if you become, the shop opened up, your business is gradually deprived of rights. So, you’re confused. Is Taobao really that good,

pointed out that according to the State Post Bureau, Ma Junsheng economic operation in the first half of the industry, the rapid development of online shopping by pulling, postal industry maintained rapid development, business volume, revenue growth has been 10 consecutive quarters of more than 20%. Among them, the volume of express business growth is 28 consecutive months, more than 50%. In contrast, in the first half of this year, the year-on-year growth rate of retail sales of consumer goods in China was 12.7%. Thus, the mysterious territory of e-commerce, so far we have only touched the tip of the iceberg, more opportunities for entrepreneurship will be highlighted in the electricity supplier industry. Data show that as of the first quarter, Chinese shopping online shopping market turnover remained high growth rate of more than 35%, electricity providers cake will be out for more people to share, home is not single oligo pocketed, or else it will not often break out of Jingdong, Suning, Gome, Taobao, Tmall, and so on where the customer mutual platform pinch the price war.

2016 ChinaJoy event, Raytheon technology shouted "natural love to play" slogan, with a carefully planned large fans lying on the floor, hey burst the audience, the 2016 ChinaJoy frenzy atmosphere hey to the highest point.

said, "Internet thinking" and "fan economy", who would you think? Millet

Raytheon focuses on the game in "fan interaction" mode


with the recent policy adjustments may be excited by the electricity supplier experts, because Taobao resources integration is the inevitable result of a big progress in electricity market standardization, but for the majority of sellers, change is a painful and tangled. From this year’s "6 – 18" price war in Taobao requires the seller to "one of two" strategy, to the recent micro Amoy beta account can not be freely traded, Taobao recently picture event upgrade, Taobao open platform and ask for enterprises registered capital must be higher than 500 thousand yuan, must be settled together spire, new application access charges must be hard the Taobao business rules, the seller’s spring has disappeared, I believe that in the future more control will gradually return to the hands of Taobao, then the seller will withdraw all too late, that is really working for others rather than business.

network is all over the Taobao shop and how good do you shop, Taobao profit, business to Taobao what makes you confused, confused, you have not thought about, one day, you can actually leave Taobao live better.

CJ explosion hi scene, is a microcosm of Raytheon three years of development. In the eyes of investors, millet model is the core of fan economy, and Raytheon technology is a successful practitioner of this model.

Raytheon technology secret, no less than these three points: Fan economy, special supply chain system and industry tuyere.

read what the king wanted to say today, not millet, but a company called Raytheon technology. To some extent, Thor is more like millet in the game industry".


‘s performance has been growing rapidly, Thor by three points,

ChinaJoy China International Digital Entertainment Expo, referred to as CJ is one of the most influential events in the global digital entertainment industry. From 2014 onwards, every year CJ Thor prepared, they will not only CJ products as a propaganda platform, sales network of the supply chain to "red" brand game Thor, is in CJ for the fans "Lei Feng" who held large fans will.


from the game industry cut in, the company was founded in April 2014, less than three years, revenue grew to 1 billion 46 million yuan, the valuation is an increase of 12.28 times.

in such a situation, entrepreneurs should not only see the shop business strategy — Taobao conservative, or settled in the existing platform, on the contrary, more attention should try to separate and independent shop mall, especially traditional enterprise electric shock should see more independent flash points, truly successful entrepreneurs are method dare to challenge more difficult to update, because the more there is no precedent or precedent >


not long ago, Raytheon technology officially submitted to the company’s public transfer prospectus, apply for listing three new board. "Wait until 2018, when Raytheon’s net revenue is 2 billion yuan, the company is valued at 3 billion yuan," predicts Raytheon’s CEO.


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