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many new owners do not know how to start in just entering the Internet industry, spend a lot of time to build the website, I do not know how to make money, the fruit for you an analysis step by step, the website how to make money fast, novice to quickly experience the Internet to make money. Want to make money fast, must be different, no special thinking mode, method, and action, want to get different results? Is that possible? The answer is of course impossible. The Internet is the birthplace of the fastest replication success, and if you do not copy at all a fast way to make money, then your desired result is certainly underwater mirage. To get rid of the shackles of the traditional webmaster, get rid of, CMS station, collection, optimization, to traffic, advertising embarrassing situation, first of all, must choose the right copy of the target.

with you! ?

resource station I was mainly advertising GG, probably because of my character problem ‘or because the site is subject matter, GG has very low price, even for a long period of time has been hovering below 0.01, the total count down, resource station day GG income of almost $2–3 because the site a long time, and there is a certain well-known, the.

3., how can I promote this ad even if it makes money?

2., how do I know which advertisement is making money?

observation, we need to observe. If you will SEO, please observe by SEO method. If you like to see some popular websites, please take a closer look at all the ads on the website. If you like to search, please look at the PPC, so simple. Take you to see the ads in order, make a list, then put each product into the sh419 search, compare, and soon, you can find a very good product, if you have not found, please continue to observe.

website chase flow, with almost Qianzhaihuanqian generally according to the site now as unalterable principles, but the number has already exceeded one million, while the China base of Internet users has been very difficult to have growth, we have what method to get a share from these have been established in the data even if there is, and how? The investment effect and how good? On the other hand, now the portal website has started to comprehensive development, why? Because they need to keep their left behind, they need to enhance their own strength, they will cut the grass root webmaster hands of this part of the considerable traffic transfer into their hands. They have been afraid to let more grassroots webmaster success to share in the autumn winter has turned the IT industry, so they repeatedly to reduce the audit efforts, so they repeatedly raise map Content of teasing scale, many grassroots webmaster, especially those professional, this is the webmaster have become increasingly worried about their prospects, but here I found a very serious problem, we have lost in the flow, we ignore this matter to do stand, do what is the station why? Is money or traffic flow? It means money? No flow means no money? At least I don’t think so

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where did you find the ads, you can completely copy his Fang?

1., I don’t have any products or services. What’s the use of advertising?

I’m here take permanent free resource station and my own blog download Fetion two compare, permanent free resource station IP normally around 6000, almost PV 2W, has been almost two years, but this kind of website to download the Fetion blog, because the content is not good, but also not suitable to add some not related to the content, so far the only 20–30, the flow is pitiful, only a day less than 20 IP, of course, only less than a month’s time, but not how to download blog promotion! But Fetion a IP value than the permanent free resource station and game states so far the traditional flow type website, I take my own example to compare the actual

, you seem to have a lot of problems. In order to achieve the purpose of making money quickly, I would like to explain that this guide is intended for those who want to act without knowing the method. If you are a person who asks three questions, I can do nothing about it. Next, let me answer the questions above.

you may not have the product, no service, but you find advertising, product or service mark advertising, you can purchase agent, can also be used for simple model: Taobao off or similar CPA PS: if you think that it is soft, please skip this article, so as not to delay your precious time. It may take some time for the stock to be purchased. In order to achieve the purpose of quick money making, we choose Taobao. I believe there are a small number of people who spend a lot of money on Taobao every month.

what do we copy? Of course it’s advertising. Why do you want to copy advertising? Because advertising is a super weapon to make money. Only advertising can drive sales. Only sales can make money. It’s that simple. You may have a lot of questions to ask: I don’t have a product or service, and what do I do? How do I know which advertising is money? Even if the ads to make money, how can I extend this advertisement? If the advertising promotion, how do I sell

how to determine their site types in my previous article, the direction of the website talked about a permanent free resource station and states such as the basic flow in the game, rely on advertising to survive the website, but in addition to these sites and sites may be more than the two net income is higher, more easily in fact, this website!! long ago by some predecessors proposed, but also a lot of practice, I just combined with some examples of my own to share with you an analysis of this site’s performance today! And compared it with the traditional flow line of site

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