The 9 major issues for start ups to choose from their offices for the first timeSing Chen Hua notes

in the game with the capital, Chen Hua exit.

within the company, you need to appoint a project leader. He / she wants to contact you and report directly to you. If you don’t want to go to war, so in the beginning you can IT department, human resources department, and finance department into the site, to form a team. And the team leader should be a very experienced person in the field of enterprise property and facilities deployment.

he was quick to step on the pulse of the times, seize business opportunities. He and I mentioned, in 1980s, Guangdong’s economy is how active, but after 1989, for four or five years, the economic downturn, until he left Guangdong in 1996 to the Beijing University, began to heat up again. The three wave of China’s Internet, the first generation of Internet in 1998-1999 years, is still at school. However, in 2005 and 2006, second, and third before and after 2011, he caught up with, he said: "there is a cycle of entrepreneurship, basically, about five years, a big wave.". Why? I think it may be relevant to the whole business cycle. Global capital will be crazy for two years, but it will slowly calm down and go into a cold winter. After the cold winter, there is another upsurge. When you see an opportunity like this, if you don’t choose to start a business, it means you’ll have to wait five more years."


times he experienced kuxun, calm a lot, also a lot of caution. Sing, only sixty or seventy employees, but the number of users 140 million, the efficiency is quite high. His experience is, simple to the extreme, can chop all cut off, can not do not do.

he avoids it carefully

besides, you’d better look for an experienced real estate lawyer, so that you can not only ensure that you are renting negotiations

what questions should I ask the landlord when I am addressing the company’s office?

in order to minimize the interference, improve the efficiency of office space search, you must start to understand what they really needed for office space, in addition to the consideration of the site budget and site specifications, and clear the site required process and time, so as to ensure the successful search and "occupation" a site.

one, how do I start,

two, who will be involved in choosing an office space?

so Chen Hua was very cautious when he started his business again in 2011, especially with respect to capital and capital. The singing company is a very common three office in Sanyuanqiao. In my interview with the staff meeting room, on the wall, I can even see that the former company moved out and tore up the posters and posters. Sing, director of operations Yang Fan joked, "before a reporter to interview, sing, thought into a courier company.". When I get to the singing office, sing, just change a new batch of chairs. They used to pick up the furniture and chairs left by a former company.

for Chen Hua, this could be a $3 billion lesson. In Beijing, he mistakes is the profitability of the demand is not so urgent, in 2008 when the economic crisis came, kuxun monthly income of only millions of dollars, not enough to cope with strong financial pressure. "I was so young, maybe I could make a lot of money with an experienced CEO."."

, as a question of what considerations should be taken into consideration when startups first select an office space, which was first proposed by netizens on the Quora website.

Chen Hua fame very early, 2006, in 2007, he founded kuxun was one of the hottest startups. Where I met a former employee, a few days ago, she said, was where the influence of kuxun than larger. Listed at the end of last year where to go, the current market capitalization of $3 billion.

not only that, you need to make sure you find a consultant team to help you. A realtor might be very helpful to you, because he can represent tenants, especially on behalf of the initial company and the newly created company. The initial company has some special needs. An excellent realtor can not only understand these requirements well, but also help these companies find the most suitable owner of their property. In addition, the rental broker’s salary is usually paid by the owner of the housing industry, so you can benefit from a professional real estate consultant and you don’t have to pay them.

, born in 1978, Chen Hua was a typical geek. When he was studying at Peking University, he made a sharing and searching platform for Skynet Maze. Before the program was recorded, one cameraman said, "I used your product at college.". Chen Hua said proudly, "many college students were my users at that time.".

at first you need to have clear business models and real estate goals, and then you need to make quick decisions to take advantage. In addition, you also need to consider many important factors, such as whether the company planned growth, geographical location, traffic, parking requirements, forecast space requirements, optimizing space structure, technical requirements, and time and budget, etc..

answers this question to Quora user Kevin Cronin, an enterprise property consultant.

it’s exciting and challenging for any company to find the right place for an office. Over the past few years, we’ve had some start-up and small business clients to help them find the right place to work. The following questions are the main considerations for most startups when they first site:

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