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Hello everyone, today I want to say is about personal webmaster Wangzhuan. Because the Internet has been gradually integrated into our lives. More and more people are entering the field of the Internet, so there are more and more opportunities. The potential of the Internet is infinite, to tell the truth to make money here, although many methods, but I know a lot of people did not really make money on the Internet, most of them have very hard, so why didn’t they earn? This is mainly because many bad people want to make money you use this mentality set many traps to let a lot of people are not real money, although we have very hard, I am a rural 90 webmaster, do 4 years of website. At first, I was interested in researching and doing web sites. Later I found the site to make money I began to do all kinds of Wangzhuan, I am the rural poor family I am interested in making money certainly, I began to search for a variety of ways to make money website. To tell the truth I cheated many times, many times when I was found a way to make money and not to earn money, I will put my harvest to share, especially has not made money novice friends must pay attention to personal webmaster. I’m talking about websites that aren’t e-commerce and charging services, which are small personal stations that offer free services and rely on advertising revenue.

my previous websites all relied on advertising revenue, and the alliance that I really made money mainly has ALIMAMA, shlf1314, sh419 alliance. I have also joined many different leagues, and although they have income, they have never been able to meet the minimum payment. Because small websites are not easy to support, so most of the individual Adsense rely on various advertising alliances. Some advertising unions don’t speak good faith. At first, your income may soar quickly, but the closer you pay to the minimum, the slower. Although many alliances say they don’t promise, they do not do much. You are more careful, you will find that their advertising is their own stations, or their own money making projects, so that we desperately for them to promote or make money. Perhaps you will see the League home page published every day, for example, Xiao Zhang income 100 has been paid, Wang income 150 has been paid, please pay attention to check…… These are mostly cheating on us, not all of them. They want us to feel they can really make money there. Small advertising I recommend the best not to go, although some can really go to which are not easy to trap and a lot, do our best to do some big high reputation of the alliance, at least we will not be a daydream.

search engine is really a good thing, not only to create value for yourself, but also to bring profits to others. sh419, good, shlf1314, good, YAHOO, good, and most importantly, the nano calcium carbonate network can go on well,

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can receive at least 3 consulting phones a day, 6, 7 IP enterprise websites, and what is the value of such a website?

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there is some sites to see an hour easily earn 100 such information we generally don’t believe, often browsing various websites we will find that these ads will only appear in a small site, my experience is that most is a lie.

new station, 20 days by sh419 included at the same time, related keywords have, very good ranking. From that day on, the site has become unmanageable, receiving calls, and even orders, every day. Because of my limited level of business, so many telephone calls have not really become orders, it is indeed a pity.

nano calcium carbonate industry is a relatively unpopular industry, the search volume is very small sh419 index temporarily no data. Perhaps because this is a relatively small field, the quality of its IP is very high. It’s easy to imagine that the word "calcium carbonate" would be searched by ordinary people,

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