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of course is not to deny all the training class, because do not deny that there are some classes really good. However, I think the good training can not let you make money fast. Good classes can give you a lot of Wangzhuan basic knowledge, let a novice to quickly understand wangzhuan. Then it depends on you how to use these knowledge to make a lot of money……

from contact with these money class situation, most of the techniques of this kind of money class through some cheating ways to refresh the traffic, such as mutual shlf1314 Advertising, external drainage to brush the mom, these practices are a big risk, pay a lot of work, but in the end get money is also matter, indeed, if the money could be one hundred or two hundred a day, but most of them are brush N days, and then at the time of payment is money to advertisers will be suspended, and then called shlf1314 aliamama said, disloyal, disorderly closure of the station, now called the advertiser posting many, but you can say these are the basic, who in fact, as long as you call, conscientious stand, shlf1314 and alimama are not random sealing station.

earned 500 is not impossible, but you are a people who do not have any basis to the pages of course, a few days training can quickly realize, that is impossible. Wangzhuan is a tutorial system, need to understand many aspects of network knowledge, to a certain program, accumulated more, will naturally achieve the purpose.

Seo has been held training classes, with students say that money can not be impatient, if have no grasp of theory, is eager to how to make the number of days, especially now popular online some Wangzhuan training class, base on income of 500, or a monthly income of 3000 yuan at the end of such training advertising, as long as you pay hundreds dollars, or buy their money making tutorial, they can teach you how to make money fast, more than 2 weeks, at least 3 days can make the day to earn 300 yuan. In the face of so many income security at the end of training advertising, forced people to ponder his authenticity! It is so simple? More friends said, why don’t you SEO off training plus a how to make the number of days to recruit students, the following is a personal answer to students last night, plus his thoughts today following that, this kind of training class Wangzhuan views, I have is :964043

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