Why does VC always say your idea of starting a business isn’t big enoughBuy a website must see 16 p

you may want to know some of my suggestions for buying good websites for friends. Look down.

The mathematical principle of

4, if the seller does not put shlf1314 Adsense ads on his website, please ensure that he is not banned from using shlf1314 Adsense. A site that doesn’t fit into shlf1314 Adsense, will you buy it,

1, keep in mind that the site you want to buy must be a site that requires only minimal follow-up maintenance. This is the key to build your online empire.

did you feel like a wheel of fortune when you first started your business? You thought the idea was great and the market outlook was clear enough. However, when you begin to contact investors, sometimes you get "it’s not done," "the ceiling is obvious," and your enthusiasm is instantly extinguished.

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venture capital usually operates by the power law, that is, most of the fund’s returns come from a small portion of the investment. Because of this, VC needs to know whether a pen can earn a whole investment fund, is the project’s exit can bring is equivalent to the size of the fund’s return. This is the concept of Return the Fund RTF, which helps us understand the logic of VC’s investment decisions.

here are a few suggestions for buying a website.

RTF analysis is simple:


venture capital fund exit distribution is this: more than 60% of the investment is 0-2 times the return, the rest of the falls in the range of 2-5 times, 3 times the return hit a more than 10 times the return of the "unicorn" can make a venture capital fund to achieve the ideal and into the top ranks of VC. The success or failure of a fund depends on whether 1-3 projects can be thrown, the whole fund will be returned, and even more money will be made. At the same time, other projects with a return rate of 2-5 times lead to excess returns on the fund.

venture investment itself is also an idea. Through a simple Return the Fund RTF formula, this article explains – in the face of an entrepreneurial project logic of risk investment institutions to make investment decisions, investors will try to confirm that this project could help him earn a fund, that is whether the funds can exit from a project to earn the equivalent of the size of the fund return.

– Benchmark partner, Bill, Gurley

I have a friend who wants to invest in his limited savings. Not long ago, he asked me to discuss investment details. I suggest that he go to the website Trading Forum the more famous website trading platform is admin5 station, buy some good websites, and give him some suggestions to buy the website.

2, using third party statistics services such as traffic statistics and advertising earnings statistics, will allow you to identify what the seller claims to be the site’s monthly traffic and monthly profits. If the seller does not agree with the results of the statistics, do not hesitate to stop the transaction.

takes an example of the popular, block based, depth learning and self driving start-up XY.ai. XY.ai is looking for $10 million at a $200 valuation

this is a foreign language translator: meets Mozart 183355102

3, when you check the traffic statistics, please be sure to check each other’s antecedents. Many people now build short, large capacity websites to sell, and they recommend sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, etc., leave links, and then get short, large traffic. Note that these sites may not be a good business model for you who want to run your website for a long time. So, check out the site’s antecedents and see how much traffic comes from the search engines. If more than 70% of the traffic comes from a variety of search engines, then this is a good site.


two months later, he spent 44000 U. s.dollars to buy 6 sites, we have optimized these sites, especially to increase the chain and link static and other work. These sites now have $5000 in monthly profits, excluding $200 a month in maintenance costs. This is really a very high return on investment. He will be able to recover the cost in 10 months! Ha ha, can you say that there are other items that can have such a high return on investment?

fund size / withdrawal of shares held % = minimum feasible exit

Abstract: Why are VCs chasing "unicorns"? How much do investors want from your project? I’m sure this article will give you the answer.

6, the PR value of the website can not explain the problem, >

5, and if he shows you the income we’re talking about the income of shlf1314 Adsense, make sure his Adsense CTR isn’t very high. If CTR is high, make sure that there is no violation of Adsense policy on his site, such as ads that cover temptation pictures and other behaviors that induce Internet users to click advertisements.

venture capital is not a home run the rate of return on investment of more than 10 times of the business, but a Grand Slam many times the rate of return on investment business".


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