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webmaster must remember a word when advertising alliance, the alliance will not only be icing on the timely assistance. Especially when some CPA and CPL advertising alliance, we often see the webmaster message, said for months the application may not be, in fact this is advertising a limit on the site, such as the Alexa did not enter the 500 thousand, in the past the alliance did never had a monthly income of thousands. The author has done many years of General Union, your monthly income reached more than 1000 yuan, the alliance will have a dedicated customer service staff to serve you, if you have a monthly income of over a million words, your service customer service staff is not the same. When the Union launched new CPA activities, especially the advantages of activities, advertising will be a priority for the monthly income of over 10000 owners recommended, then a monthly income of over thousands, and finally all the webmaster.

every day

, I don’t talk much anymore. If you have the resources, of course, the best, if there is no resources, you can buy the connection. Generally spend two hundred or three hundred to buy the connection ranking went up. For example, I have done a lot of long tail words, such as the most effective weight loss products, this is sh419 ranked first in nature, the word can bring me about 100IP per day. There are also some long tail words, which can bring some traffic every day. In short, I put this station together, only 300-500 per day IP. But I can bring in 10 thousand yuan a month.

third step: website optimization

connection address: ajun123.>

: rejection reasons the readability is not high to more detailed analysis of the

first: Dong Jun Wangzhuan training institutions


second step: make a single page

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the above four steps is relatively simple, as long as you follow my method to do, every month to earn thousands of dollars is still very easy. Afraid you do not carry out, if you have any questions, you can add my 59276608 and I explore.

instead of putting more unprofitable activities on the site, it’s better to place one of the most profitable activities in a prominent place. Remember 3 years ago, a Clinique free trial CPA ad, when the author of this ad pictures, text and other forms placed in the significant position of the site, and remove some of the usual advertising. The first day, the income reached one thousand yuan, this situation maintained for about a week, and to the second week, the alliance said that the amount of advertisers registered, and finally stopped. In recent years, the advantages of CPA advertising is less and less, but the stationmaster in disseminating these ads, or remember, don’t put too much advertising throughout the site, from several of the most profitable advertising, advertising is not only beneficial to click, but also help to enhance the user experience on the site, but also help >

alliance will not timely assistance

Author: Dong Jun

1, how to choose a web site alliance?

began to do Wangzhuan, from 2007 in the blink of an eye, has been in the past 5 years, these 5 years, the author has done a lot of website alliance, also witnessed the rise and fall of many web sites, but also encountered some affiliate fraud. The author will share these experiences without reservation:


fourth step: do outside company

single page how to do optimization, we can open my website to view the original code. There are a lot of my own original article, DIV can be hidden directly, pay attention to my keyword density. Very reasonable, so that the search engine will be seriously original. Some friends may ask, "how can a single page be updated? You can add a blog program in the domain name. It can be ZBLOG or WP.". Yes, I’m using WP. We can site: a little. My website, sh419 is not only included a home page. Many blogs are included, so the search engine will think you’re updating

how to choose a web site alliance, this problem is often asked by many novice webmaster. I recommend the most to all two alliances: shlf1314 alliance, sh419 alliance, the two league is currently the most faithful among all alliances, of course, is one of the longest living alliance. In addition to these two points, but also because the two union sites treated equally, regardless of station station, as long as you have the traffic, you can get revenue. shlf1314 alliance application is relatively simple, basically, as long as the application has the opportunity to pass. A few years ago, the author applied for sh419 Content Alliance, but did not pass, and applied again last year, once passed, it seems also lowered the conditions of application.

now a lot of friends to do Taobao, basically use Taobao mall to do Taobao customers, because the mall’s products are many. There is nothing specific about it. Well, nonsense, I do not say more, and I will say how I use a single page Taobao monthly income of more than 10000 yuan.

3, focus on the league’s most profitable activity,

step 1: select a product

recommends that you choose health care products, such as whitening, weight loss, breast enhancement, these commissions are relatively high. Up to 50%, Dong Jun is the product of weight loss.

, you can see my website, www.315date. This is a web site I made more than a month ago, we can do a single page. How do the single page? We can go to the Taobao customer goods for various products, and then sold a single page in the row can top ten, such as I am slimming products, then I will do a slimming product list, if you do is breast enhancement, you can do a breast products list.

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