Beginner lost how to doOnline university website Udacity financing 15 million


1, download the program, on-line;

yesterday at the forum to see the friends with a deep space, have bought almost 1 weeks, the station also had no clue. Confused. Predecessors to help. Thank you, send some of their own experience and I hope a little help for the novice friends.

Sal Khan – sal Khan, the Khan Academy’s influence on Education after the Khan Academy course covers the world’s hundreds of millions of students, but decided to take the same way on their course. He said: "at first, we just sent emails to tell people to take our classes online without charge."." On the first night, 5000 students were enrolled. When the number of students reached 160 thousand, Standford asked them to stop enrolling. He said: "they don’t know what happened." Later, he decided to leave Standford and establish the Udacity.

Udacity course features

a lot of friends, a large amount of information, good choice of the CMS template, but often because of the use of skilled, encountered a lot of problems. For example: after a while found that some functions can not be achieved, listening to friends say another CMS immediately replaced, a hit other problems for a. Others see the template yourself with good-looking, it is another story, the last to know really easy to use the template, meet the space problem, what time migration sites are not the site traffic, and reluctant to spend money invested, eventually dragged, the site was K, or not the confidence to do.

two, novice Wangzhuan choose CMS or choose blog station program

Three. station promotion myth

I know you have a lot of tutorials, SEO forum, blog master; "XX electronic information that you back by heart" Wangzhuan promotion, but why still no

many friends are like this, see the N forum, a number of tutorials, is not it, why? Wait a pie in the sky? Other resources have trouble to know? Well, I was so over, in fact now is like this, especially for the flow of money the basic way of Wangzhuan not tried, because cannot read – if you really want to make money, then, we abandon the fantasy, just do it immediately.

my experience is not on the promotion of the website takes too long, you only need to do the following steps can be:


and SEO

now has a large number of start-ups trying to break the status quo of higher education, such as Khan Academy Khan, 2tor, ShowMe, Udemy, Grockit, Coursera, Lynda and StraighterLine. However, investment by Anderson Horowitz has made Udacity noteworthy in terms of becoming a profitable business. Although Udacity courses are free, students may choose to take some fee certification exams. At the same time, Udacity began to earn a referral fee by looking for jobs for graduates.

co-founder Sebastian Sebastian Thrun he worked in Stanford University professor of artificial intelligence course, he is also the co inventor of the shlf1314 driverless car. He co founded Udacity with robot scientist David Stevens David Stavens and Mike Sokol Sokolsky Mike.

website traffic?

Udacity plans to continue building its technology platform using new funds, including mobile applications and introducing adaptive learning technologies that vary automatically according to student capabilities. They will also expand the scope of the course and strengthen cooperation with industry in recommending graduates.

OK, I admit, I was a member of you, how to do? Can not solve the contradiction? Blog program function looks thin, no face ah. In fact, blog is the best choice for beginners, he looks lightweight, but the implementation of the function at all without CMS, you can do it do the company foreign trade station, station, or to be a guest of Taobao, you can do a photo station, photo station, you can even do video station, yes, I remember love you, a large amount of information, blog can also do the portals, the most important is, blog for the novice to learn much, line quickly, without a long time planning for the template, it can save you time, if you are not a programmer, the limited energy Teng out in need is more important to find good content or products.

, a website construction technology and the basic direction, do not know how to do friends:


online university" Udacity web page dedicated to providing free university education startup Udacity announced a $15 million B round of financing, by Anderson Horowitz – top VC Andreessen Horowitz led. So far, the company has raised $21 million 100 thousand from the outside. They offer online courses in computer science, mathematics, integrated science, programming and entrepreneurship for students who have no time, money, or access to traditional universities.


differs from other attempts to popularize higher education, and Udacity does not just provide classroom videos. But Udacity was almost the same game and course description. "Students are subject to questions, quizzes, not lectures," he said

entrepreneurial experience,

See the CMS function of

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