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capital markets more critical of the mobile Internet business, after most of the science and technology enterprises profitability than manufacturing, services and other traditional industries, hundreds of billion valuation, hundreds of times PE, is optimistic about the Internet investors of the enterprise innovation ability, and the ability of the follow-up prospects, once they are determined to lose creativity the valuation of the company, will be a devastating blow.

if you already have your own plans and ideas, even if it’s not accurate, then maybe it’s time to walk into the boss’s office and give you your resignation with a smile.

now, your destiny is in your hands, and you have plenty of time to turn your passion into something fruitful.


editor’s note: author NeilPatal, Forbes contributor. He was one of the founders of CrazyEgg, HelloBar and Kissmetrics, and helped Amazon, NBC, HP and Viacom boost profits. The Wall Street journal says he is the most influential person in the Internet industry, and entrepreneur magazine says his company is among the 100 most prominent companies in the world.

undertaking is not one, but thousands of risks. The first risk is to resign.

so, is there a shortcut to entrepreneurship,

however, almost every entrepreneur admits that starting a business is difficult and creating a career of its own is not easy.

shortcut usually speeds things up, but does not reduce the difficulty of things.

I usually don’t encourage people to do some more brave than wise "feat", for example, quit a good job. But if that job keeps you from going on the road to success, perhaps it’s time to quit.

you’ll be surprised to find that the presence of risk motivates you to do something impulsive. Suddenly, you become nothing: no job, no stocks, bonds, no social security, no retirement benefits.

"grass roots" + "wild" mode to solve power problems

in fact, every job is challenging – a headache for a coworker, a grumpy boss, a boring job, etc.. The role of entrepreneurs is particularly difficult, they must go deep into every field, everything themselves, to establish their own authority and the deterrent effect, also requires a high degree of self-discipline. "The hardest boss is you," the entrepreneur likes to say.

crisis stimulation of self-help, in recent years, domestic Internet giants have attempted acquisition of entrepreneurial team or incentive mechanism within the business, including sh419 acquisition of 91, Ali m UC, and WeChat and other Tencent to support new projects, in addition to business strategic considerations, may also have a corporate culture of innovation desire again implanted gene. I learned from Smartphone Application distribution giant sh419 91 that they are brewing a genetic implant plan for in-house startups.

‘s sense of crisis has prompted giants to implant the pioneering gene

in grass >


1, resign


domestic Internet giants are basically gone through ten years, mobile Internet companies also experienced three or four years, long after the start-up period, the body is fat, promote enterprise advance early entrepreneurial impulse, power is cut after the founding, entrepreneurial giants of the era, is facing new challenges. The power loss of entrepreneurship, and innovation mechanism, make Marxism, hierarchy process doctrine, chaotic business system, science and technology enterprises consume individuality, what will happen? Look at once IT overlord Microsoft on WP system performance, SONY continuous losses, let a person shudder.

entrepreneurs, whether successful or not, often get a variety of answers when you ask them what entrepreneurship is like. Some people say that entrepreneurship is a matter of course, it naturally happened. Others say entrepreneurship is an irresistible trend. There are many people say that entrepreneurship is because of the need.

The enormous risk of

Ma Yun in Peking University speech to young people, said: "young people tangled today, IT industry, Alibaba, Tencent, sh419 to go, we just came out, also think the opportunity to IBM, CISCO, Microsoft took.". In the mobile Internet for many years I read these words, feeling a deep sense of crisis giants revealed.

yes, quit.


91 sh419 discovered this, didn’t let a big brother make up a new project, but offering a reward of 100 thousand yuan, through the contest, collected from 1400 employees to 108 creative projects, and selected 30 potential projects, as a key object of construction, these creative contributions for most of the staff, perhaps is the editor, perhaps is a programmer, perhaps is the designer.

for successful Internet companies, the most difficult thing for internal entrepreneurship is power. It is hard to imagine, has experienced many years of efforts, finally the hero fame, with a high salary, share option of tens of millions of executives or partner, there will be two times the power of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship this thing, more cases are grassroots, similar to "face MOE" developers Guo column, like a full-time person, all other associates all part-time, in order to save traffic costs, dare not go out 500 meters of cock wire.

2, looking for an entrepreneur mentor

sees the shortcuts outlined below, and you might think, "it’s impossible, it’s too hard."." That’s not what the big deal, the entrepreneurial threshold is the responsibility of all the problems of entrepreneurship. If you are unwilling to give, do not try to reap anything.

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