Apply for shlf1314 Adsense money making guidelinesThe new board outlet everything is money

      are you above ADsense, you can earn advertising dollars, much of the day can be thousands, there are a few dollars, this is a good thing, but when you do Goolge AdSense some criteria must be observed, or how much money you earn is the following is good, others see the wise remark of an experienced person there is no harm!


      7; register your account with a clean web site; shlf1314 doesn’t care if you put your ad on this site.

      6; each other must die.

      1, never cheat old.

investment guru Buffett once said a word, when others are fearful, we must be greedy, when others are greedy, we must fear. In the past, we are not optimistic about the new three board, because the stock market to 5000 points, the new three board market index also reached 2000 points, this time the market is a fanatical. In such a case, the frenzy could not last, when the market was clearly over foaming and sooner or later faced the risk of collapse.

      5; if you want to sign up for several accounts without ordering several ads, first clean all the temporary files and cookie of all browsers on the machine, and change the IP completely.

      10; shlf1314; if you want K, it’s never cheating. shlf1314 cares only if the results are good and doesn’t care if you cheat.


      8; the website has 100% pornographic content; the copyright content can be done in the case of the person you know shlf1314.

      2, each application account address can only correspond to a person’s name, with the identity card of the family to apply for, pay attention to.


in the past year, the new board listed company became a lot of pain, many entrepreneurs complain that the new board did not melt into the money, the operating cost is also very high, the cost is more and more big, more and more difficult to operate, many entrepreneurs do not know how to do it. In this new three board facing the freezing point of the year, entrepreneurs should choose to seize the opportunity or give up?

new three board and equity incentive

      4; keep the machine clean; don’t click on any shlf1314 ad.

this year, we see a trend: the China three new board business has become increasingly large, China capital market a noticeable effective strength. According to statistics, as of October 25th, the total of 9273 new board listed company reached 1, the number is expected to break through 10000. However, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises on this road, but not every enterprise can take it well.

new three star enterprise more and more, many enterprises quickly boarded the innovation layer, the rapid growth in the capital market, blockbuster. But the liquidity problem is still the new three lingering nightmare, especially for the poor performance of some of the problems or the enterprise, always feel that there is no confidence, don’t know whether we should grasp this opportunity.

, hold on or give up,

but now we can see that after the stock market crash and the adjustment of a year and a half, the new board is now too cold, cold to 80% of the shares are not No one shows any interest in, the volume of transactions, in this case, the new board has become a value of depression, the average price earnings ratio is only two, thirty times the average price earnings even some of the company’s ratio is only twenty times. At this time the new three board market is still quite investment value. We can see it in the second half of this year, the top-level design of the capital market in our country, repeatedly mentioned the role and function of the new board, including how to leverage in the small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the financing difficulties of the middle process, the new board as a direct channel of equity financing, has begun to play a more and more so, a good way to play the small and medium-sized enterprise upgrading and transformation, so we believe that the new board is being abandoned over. Now, with the construction of the system in our country, especially the change of the new board itself, with a new chairman and general manager, then the new board may have a series of policies combined to launch soon, will usher in a new situation.

      some principles of shlf1314 Adsense products;


      11, shlf1314 put out of all ads, will monitor the conversion rate, conversion rate of less than a certain standard, must be K. Even if it is not k, it will be demoted. the specific proportion does not say

then new three board for once?

      9; income rose too fast to die.

      3; do not attempt to log in to multiple accounts on the same machine. The body in the field of webmaster, want to see the data when you bear with it, don’t use webmaster friends machine login, even carefully. It is recommended to use the report function to send the revenue of multiple accounts to the designated mailbox every day.

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