5 factors to tell you what is the user experience


1. website loading speed

needless to say what, who is not willing to take a longer time to wait for a haven’t visited websites. This is the first step that the user experience, then this factor told us owners in the choice of the space, we must consider the long-term, not in order to save a little money, but in the fall, not worth it.

what is the user experience of the website? Love Shanghai encyclopedia is explained: the user experience is that a user visits a website to the website user experience effect, want to see whether the content and give the user some valuable content. There are two points in this sentence: users want to see content and gives the user a valuable content. So when we fill the site’s content is from the two aspects to do. Now you still feel the chain daily daily, the pseudo original of no great importance can give your website much improved user experience? What’s more, some owners are not to write the pseudo original.

who love to see beauty, there is no exception for the website, not to mention people are fatigued, if your website can make the users in the eyes of a bright, presumably he is half will forget, if your website can not attract attention, perhaps competitors ran in front of you go! So this factor tell the webmaster, in the design of the page should pay attention to the background color, text color, and even the layout and so on. In the design of the beautiful at the same time, do good visual psychological habits, is also essential.

to add the user to read an article, I feel very useful on their own, this time to see you at the end of this article we introduced a related article, so as long as he does not.

user experience is vital to the user experience, Never mind with those of the chain method, a long and minute statement text writing, so the user experience which contains "feel"? Here we list the 5 important factors.


as everyone knows, a website is the need of management and optimization. Orderly management can make the operation and development of the site is stable, effective optimization can improve the user experience of the website, to get more people’s attention, to achieve better profitability of capital. Recently, the major search engines, especially love Shanghai constantly updated algorithm and emphasis on the user experience, a lot of people have been published on how to enhance the user experience and other topics. However, over the concept of the Internet, to enhance the user experience of the road is still a long way to go.

we have done for Shanghai dragon people, the user is our god. As if I were to open massage parlors, the customer come massage is worse than being dead. Then, who would dare to? On the Internet, do a good user experience cannot survive. Don’t blindly to ranking, ignoring the original purpose of Shanghai dragon.

3. dead links and links

2. site of the beautiful degree of

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