Five key points of B2C mall website

, a catalogue of design

(1), catalogue clear: horizontal and vertical navigation, navigation, to distinguish between horizontal navigation as the main theme, the main products classification of vertical navigation.

(4) and the correlation between the priority list display users, improve the user experience.

(1) and no path search page, page processing, landing pages and the registration page are required for robots shielding.

(product catalog navigation: vertical navigation)

(1) at the bottom of this optimization: add a list of recommended products and add to cart button.

Taobao mall to meet the needs of users, the Jingdong mall to meet the people’s needs, jumei贵族宝贝 cosmetics online shopping mall group purchase by the transformation, this series of events show that B2C mall is the trend of electronic commerce. However, how to create their own online shopping mall in our small entrepreneurial team? Do the mall in addition to need financial support, the need for hardware support, how to optimize the site of the province is one of the e-commerce companies should focus on the things to consider. Happy horse do B2C mall site optimization is difficult, the difficulty lies in the mall of Shanghai Longfeng factors need to be considered by more and more. As the Shanghai dragon head, happy horse at work summed up the B2C mall site to do the five key points of Shanghai dragon. Do these five points to optimize the mall, improve website user experience, enhance the site will play a great role in promoting transformation.

(2): add sidebar list optimization with high correlation recommendation list

(functional navigation – horizontal navigation)

(2) > bread

do five key points mall website station optimization is the catalog directory design


Here we look at the Jingdong

(3) recommended list of text is not easy to exceed the "overall character of 30%


mall site navigation and horizontal vertical navigation design.

three, ZhengZhan path optimization

observation of the mall site, regardless of class or class, or vertical or. In the careful classification, good keywords, good product structure. Happy horse do B2C mall website, the horizontal and vertical navigation navigation navigation design in the design is very important.

two, the recommendation list design and layout

(3), classification directory must be combined with the theme and product classification.

(2), the classification directory must contain the keywords! Contains keywords to allow customers to more precise positioning, find customer needs.

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