Discussion how to improve the brand keywords heat

is the boss or tuiguangyuan will cluster industry keywords to get ranked, arguably should be made in order to obtain the keywords ranking industry cluster flow, but the secondary index, the most important thing is your brand keywords is the most important, we look at the key words on the billboard heat or why never see industry keywords on the list, because the industry keywords does not produce heat, as long as the brand keywords will produce heat, in the search engine industry is not calculated in the inside of the key words.

in the promotion of the time every day and not thinking about the website ranking in the industry, want to let users click in order, that is not the development of enterprises in the Internet, this is a misunderstanding, you need to put the brand promotion Keywords appear. Let the brand to produce heat will get more users to browse your business, or even actively search for your business.

for the enterprise a brand keywords heat is a company’s brand, many enterprises brands are popular keywords, can be said that there is no one to pay attention to what, why, is because in the promotion of don’t do brand keywords, keyword is hot see you do, some business owners do manufacturing, told him about the promotion, he said the industry is a popular industry, it is a popular keywords, few people pay attention to the nature. In fact, this is a wrong way of thinking, not a brand keywords in the search engine out determines that it is a popular keyword. As long as someone let the popular keywords generate data will have to search, if you have no information, then people will find such answers, not to mention the keywords will produce heat. Say something, you do it for your professional know, the problem is that the user is not this knowledge, users do not understand so to find it, you need to let the user know that the user will go to search.

, the company’s brand image

website is updated daily inconvenience, the change is to send B2B not every day, or go to send advertising messages, because advertising messages you send, let people hate, but does not produce brand keywords heat, so no >

would like to use the Internet to build the brand, we must first take the brand keywords heat up, if your own brands are not heat, even if you use text or other promotion to tell the user, whenever the user search your brand keywords when not what data, then to the user’s first impression is your brand department at but, no trust. The brand is like a person’s reputation, only your name people everywhere, so there will be influence. The same is true in the corporate brand keywords, as long as the website reflects a lot of attention heat will show the company’s brand image.

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