Adaptive search will be launched on

, for example, if I see a new carpet in the market, then I am in the search on the search engine revolves around such as "new" carpet carpet "buy" and "carpet", when I use the search engine to search other information, my search results will show some of the most recent the carpet and related information. Adaptive search is based on the idea of evolution.

brand may also be innocence. According to the user’s search records provide a unique page may result when the relevant information of users to search for the brand, the results can not be displayed. To the example above me, if I had to search the word "Armstrong" is to study the moon, then if I want to find the relevant brand floor, when I enter the keywords, it would not have the relevant information of the brand.

search engine is of vital importance in the key is whether they can provide the user friendly experience. The desired user is the search engine can give them an intuitive feeling. Bing is similar to create a different page for each user. This means that individual users will have their own unique individual choice. This also means that the search engine of the collected data and behavior are distorted. The search engine will be further away from the expectations of the "pull" stage (which allows users to tell the search engines what they want), further to "push" state (i.e. they should tell the user how to find). Will be in the understanding of the purpose of consumers may be due to a user search stage make the wrong assumptions tilt.

in addition, ordinary people may not know his search results for him personally tailored, he would think that he will see the results and see is the same. Because the user does not have to get all the options and information and they do not know if this page is made for them, so some people think that this will be in the thinking process and ideology to mislead consumers, instead of helping them find complete information right.

adaptive search behind the concept is the use of the user’s search records to create a smarter search results. For example, I want to do a lot of research on the moon, then I will be in the search for the keyword "Armstrong", most people may search for "Armstrong" this brand of products, but in front of my results would be about Armstrong landing information.

said last week will be adding a new function in their algorithm, which is called "adaptive shrinkage ranking algorithm". In the past two years, Google and Bing have made adjustments to the search results for individual users more humane in their ranking code. Adaptive search behind the idea is to use search history to provide a more intuitive and consistent with the needs of the user.

unique users provide unique results of Shanghai Longfeng Er sounds could be a nightmare, but it is not. The final search results of search engine will consider that a high.

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