How do Zhang Wei blog a week to be included

this screenshot shows the love for the first time to Shanghai time snapshot of this blog and love Shanghai, Google, included soso. Next, Zhang Wei talk which is what reason, what have you done work.


this screenshot shows the site for the record by the time of June 26, 2012, the day before the normal visit.

D, platform resources. {after built at the same time in the blog, Sina blog, love Shanghai space, A5 station network, Chinaz, Shanghai dragon why platform in the application of blog, and then update the space often, in order to get love in Shanghai included the point, when love in Shanghai after these articles included, just in time for the end of June, that is by the time domain name for the record. }

is 2 more than the workload and tasks of the ten day, the four step is to speed up the blog included does have effect, the next 6 days, what did Zhang Wei do?

from the blog to start the day, to be loved in Shanghai included, only 6 days, put screenshots, to show the truth:

B, update the article. This ten day domain name cannot be enabled, can only be accessed by a temporary domain. But don’t have to wait for the domain name enabled to update the content, Zhang Wei every day to update the 1-2 article, the article is the original, and try to make the search engine that is the original, this process is not easy, but we must insist, Zhang Wei blog itself is a record of the original blog. }

1, Zhang Wei blog is built in June 15th, the same day to civilink record, in June 26 by filing, within ten days, to do two things:

Zhang Wei

a, the station optimization. {in the station can optimize the local basic processing was done, in the following aspects: 1, seriously pondering the page title keyword, determine the core keywords; 2, in the proper position of a part of code add title= "* * * *"; 3, Add URL map and robot.txt file; 4, in each page to add the latest articles and popular a list of articles; 5, add love and love to share Shanghai Shanghai statistics code}


C, looking for friends of the chain. Here is a special case of {new friends, because Zhang Wei had boost network, pr=2, basically reach the second, so these two website link. Find another 3 PR for 2 friends this is the website link, with small site resources, so want to say, usually need to accumulate contacts and web resources. }

a, update the article, study keywords and long tail keywords. {give yourself the columns of the title and the title for the crucial lexicon, mainly to the long tail, is good in the establishment of columns and when writing, can try to tit>

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