Analysis of foreign trade website how to optimize Shanghai Dragon

The design of

second, the choice of keywords and distribution optimization

search engine for the foreign trade site is better than other types of sites, especially in the speed of the above, I suggest that you can choose a foreign server, because the type of foreign trade website customers relatively some more foreigners, naturally foreign in this regard host advantage is obviously a lot, and can improve the user experience, so if you want to do, do it the best foreign trade website is to choose the foreign host.

first, clear theme, seize the customer

with the deficit China and world trade, China many aspiring webmaster friends began to enter into the network trade in this industry, because of significant opportunities in the China trade website industry relative to other industries to other countries, after all, foreign websites are doing very hot, but in China relatively is still relatively deserted, so we can do Chinese foreign trade website leader, of course, many owners also face don’t know how to do foreign trade website optimization Shanghai dragon, so today I will discuss with you and share some experience.

Keywords There is

third, the server speed must be fast

fourth, the foreign trade domain

is a key point for a site can be said that the internal site content is around these keywords to write and publish, so you do what the contents of the product must choose good keywords of this kind of product and to stand in the user’s perspective to design the key words, but also to to view these keywords to query whether hot enough to use some tools, do not choose keywords too low, this is a foreign trade website the most taboo, we must pay attention to.

believes that make friends all know that the site started matter, also in Shanghai, which is also the premise of Longfeng optimization based, because we all know, we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization to improve site traffic, and then further to flow into the order (or profit), so at this point we must be clear about the subject, what is their own doing, this is very important. Then through the characteristics of some products, such as pictures to seize the hearts of customers, only in this way can we improve the site conversion rate.

when doing foreign trade website, a good domain name is very important, of course, the domain name is not to be the case, after all, this type of keywords have been registered. In this.

in the optimization of keywords in the title, the best content of smooth words, but must not pile up, and may be performed by some prominent keyword tags, and that can do some keyword anchor text links to related content in the article page, this method is widely used in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the effect is very obvious.

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