From the master at the firm dunk Sakuragi Shanghai dragon heart practitioners

, a cherry without any confidence according to. Read the "master" dunk that Sakuragi is a rookie, a most dishes. In addition to the body is nothing. Is a rebellious boy this day is howling "I’m a genius", who are not as good as their own, anything can do better than others! This self-confidence, I until now no can want to understand. Why could he is really a genius. Speaking of which, focus on the ready – Shanghai dragon is the most important thing is the overweening self-confidence, self-confidence, self. We have a lot of so-called novice rookie, including the author himself every day, ask others what to do in Shanghai Longfeng, how to become a master, right now, I want to start and so on. I think its so asked, rather than point to their own confidence, not in the hands of business, not too high to be reached. Apply the sentences celebrity words is, as long as there is confidence, perseverance will prevail! The optimization work of the trust their own ability, can optimize the site. I can be stationmaster often said, regardless of oneself.

three, learning and thinking. Sakuragi can become a basketball genius in a very short period of time, and his learning and thinking are inseparable, remember him learning to dunk Haruko? Learning layup to Rukawa Kaede for the penalty? Think? His basketball for learning at any time. Here, I want to say is: Shanghai dragon learning is the webmaster must do. Every hour and moment in the network.


two, execution and patience. In basketball is not so beautiful, will start from zero. The question is, how could such a confession of genius Sakuragi insults from scratch, especially in the face of "lover" and "rival" fine son of Rukawa Kaede. But he did it, time of solid repeated dribble and pass one month in the corner of the practice. In spite of hate, but seriously do, the execution and the patience and confidence as his firm. When it comes to this, but also said another important point of Optimization — Shanghai dragon is the value of the execution and patience. Shanghai, most of the time is a tedious process, can not stand is the key for the webmaster, after all, there are so many webmaster complaining Shanghai dragon becomes stale and boring. Who can I walk a step, who one step closer to success. Persevere is the ancients said, but many people do not much, the webmaster should do.

these days again hooked on "dunk master", good-looking! Love, unyielding A fighting spirit soars aloft. character and temperament, which is reflected in the protagonist Yingmuhuadao body the most eye-catching. In his basketball career, did not consciously think of the work of Shanghai Longfeng way. "Do you love basketball?" just because Haruko’s words, the birth of a legendary basketball player. I just because "as a web editor is to do the promotion Oh", unexpectedly straight as a male Shanghai dragon Er, from the beginning of the long Shanghai Longfeng road optimization. The author will talk about is how the firm at Sakuragi’s heart in Shanghai dragon.

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