Different display formats on the novice webmaster search results two

eighth, using the RDfa format label refers to the page the rich, noble and love Shanghai baby may also be under the heading line to add a grey text prompt of the text, sometimes the suggestive text includes the number of pages in the article, the number of Posts and the number of authors, update date etc.. This plate will also increase the user’s click rate and attention, easier to convince users to click on these results, if the price of the product, the number of user reviews and comments, will attract more user attention.

different display formats in the article on the novice webmaster search results (a), respectively, from the classical regular search results, a list of search results, the integration of search results, and indent list links to the total display five aspects and share of the search engine of five different display formats, of course, this is not just a search engine five kinds of display formats, including mini station links, One-box, the rich, breadcrumbs, text links and other five formats. I hope this paper can make us more to understand the basic knowledge of the search engine. Well, the beginning of today’s article.

Abstract: some rich

seventh, One-box: these generally appear in the search results in the bank, the most noble baby show, the search results will appear in a graphical display some information, stock price, with the Shanghai love to open platform, now love Shanghai will also appear such result, can not open the page click directly, to view the information. These are just for those enterprises or with the search engine with the cooperation between the enterprises and the open.

ninth, breadcrumb navigation: breadcrumb navigation is originally a navigation page, but now for some, especially the noble baby will display the bread crumbs. This is the original location of the navigation of a place. The classification of each link related category page, users can not only access to click on the title page, but also can directly click on the breadcrumb navigation, so you can directly access the relevant classification.

tenth, text links: text links refers to the text contained in the link, a general description is the head of the web information, but to use a part of the noble baby within the chain page will display text links. The user can click on the link to access the website that. But in general, this style is rare. For the love of Shanghai, more.


Mini station link: Mini station links are often very rare, but for some weight high website will appear in this form. This way English called Mini Sitelinks, there is no longer a small eight links, and displayed as a whole line four links. The total content and the link is somewhat similar, but just take the front four. As for why the search engine high quality sites use different ways to show that there are many, but the mainstream is the search engine itself is also in development, and strive to improve their own quality of service.

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