Google launched a new tool news source web site can modify the Google news content directly

is a Google news network news aggregator, collect news content from major news website. If Google news information error source website is difficult to have the means to correct. This is not a problem that picked up the phone and call on behalf of Google will be able to solve.

however, the "Google News Center" was launched in the United States, but Google said that this tool will soon spread to other countries, and with the passage of time, it will add more features.

News Publisher Center

now has a "Google News Center" (https://partnerdash.贵族宝贝/partnerdash/d/news#p:id=pfehome& a=100095465, noble baby;) the news source site at least for their own news content on Google news has some control over.

baby aristocracy

specifically, "Google News Center" to allow the news source web site update site details, including change the site name and label; changes in the original site structure, change the corresponding links etc..

[TechWeb] reported on August 5th news, Google recently launched a "Google News Center" (News Publisher Center of the noble baby) PC side web service tool, this tool allows the site to directly modify the news source on Google news in the news that Google news content can be synchronized with the source web site.

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