How to improve the weight value of love Shanghai

forum 4. soft reprint content: This is a pretty good. With the soft almost.

now has a lot of links to purchase the trading site, we want to buy 3-5 high quality links can be about PR3-5, then we want to optimize the keywords to link, this should adhere to 3-6 months. Must have the effect.

2. high quality blog blog: the use of high quality construction, to increase the content of correlation. This to insist for a long time.

second: increase in page website weight

fifth: the development of the two level domain to increase website weight

3. forum in the message: leave high correlation of the article in the forum. Message to this way, others question or your article and related high leave their articles and views.

this is very useful, it is best to blog. Or your own independent forum. The more the better development. But >

we each release an article, we have to reprint articles, so that each article site has the weight of

is now a lot of Web love Shanghai weights are not so high, not the weight of the site, the flow will be very few. So how can we improve our website weight value. Below I give everybody to improve on my way to love Shanghai weight, hoping to share good method and opinions.

third: buy high quality PR link

fourth: the establishment of Shanghai love Wikipedia

1. soft release: must to high quality website to publish, this should adhere to a daily. Persist for three months.

is the most important. The establishment of Shanghai love Wikipedia entries, his writing in may spend writing a. This is the most important, the best in Shanghai love Wikipedia entry add at the bottom of your website related to the long tail word.

long tail keywords good choice, we must have the original content. For new sites, we can not a large collection of articles, through the investigation to love Shanghai, we are in the collection content, which is conducive to income and increase website weight. Keep updated every day, to be on time, as we have three meals a day, we will regularly update the article. It is best not more than 10 p.m. update.

when we are building a website, our website design without design is beautiful, the most important is simple and generous at a glance. Plate layout reasonable. Web site design is good, then, we must grasp the contents of our website, oh, for what is what is the future of development, we must put on the content and keywords are added to our website, around this topic to study to explore. Have more long tail keywords around the site theme.

: the first increase website weight first catch website

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