nterpretation of Shanghai dragon myth how much impact on multi site outbound links

, network links and sharing, a huge "link on the Internet, if there is no link, then into a separate space, has lost the meaning of Internet sharing. This not only the spirit of the Internet itself is recognized by people, but also by the search engine recognition. So, in this sense, the export link is meaningful to the user, is also in line with the user experience. A consistent user experience of the website, search engines will also get love.

finally, pointing to the authority of the website is ranked one of the factors. If your site has derived links to authoritative website, then this is one of the factors the search engine itself ranking. Before this factor proportion is very weak, then this factor has been improved, although the search engine doesn’t mention it, but you can see from some examples. For example, many web site navigation, many Chinese categories, these sites have many outbound links, but these links will not affect the site since.

The second is the essence of

first, affect export link not to own web page of the PR value, in theory, a web page of the PR value is determined by the number of backlinks page itself and the reverse link of the page where the PR value, and there is no direct relationship between the export link. In fact, such a situation may exist, if the page is too many links, then transfer to the other page of the PR value will be reduced, at the same time, the other pages delivered to the page of the PR value will be reduced. However, the site of the internal links is a network structure of multiple circulation, loss of the PR value is very small, therefore, will not affect the basic. Of course, this said export link refers to a logical, consistent with the export link user demand, and many related links, no sense or even sell links is not discussed in this paper.

then link to help the search engines to determine your theme. The anchor text link is an important factor in ranking, is not only the external link anchor text, anchor text links are also important, usually the export link anchor text is one of the important factors in the optimization of the web page. The reason is very simple, if a "A" in Shanghai Longfeng "as the link text to the page B, then the search engine that is closely related to the B and Shanghai dragon, think A Association and Shanghai dragon page, it will use the word link to B.

link can be said to exist in every website, different websites, outbound links more or less, many owners have a misunderstanding, that is if the export link multi site has an impact on their website.

everyone knows that the weight of external links in their website promotion help a lot, so naturally will think if outbound links too much, will have their own website weight loss. Outbound links many owners will be deliberately control their own website, so today and you talk about effects of export link on your site.

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