A head of the Shanghai dragon experience sharing

with the search engine algorithm is more and more perfect, for the quality of the website also have higher requirements, which is good for users, but for those of us owners said five undoubtedly increased the workload. The search engine has put the user experience first, the past opportunistic method does not play a role, in order to ensure that the site’s ranking, the only honest and modify your website, make it more in line with the viewer’s taste, I share with you some of my own experience to optimize the site, I hope all of you help.

5, a website most likely to attract users of high quality content is on the site, the article is popular and easy to understand to love by browsing, user experience good natural, natural ranking rose quickly. The layout is the key, standard size >

4, the line on the website before the structure, URL design, code to simplify the search engine for the new impression is very important, to avoid the line after the change occurs, or extend the review period of the web search engine. Some of the basic skills to Shanghai Dragon: 404 pages, 301 jump, site map, Shanghai dragon are many details, the details determine success or failure, after we put all these details well, want to website ranking is not good, difficult.

2, select a good use of CMS will improve our work efficiency, achieve better results. The selection of CMS should follow the principles of safety, ease of use, security: a CMS broke vulnerabilities less the site more secure, easy to use, simple operation of the CMS allows us to improve efficiency, and not the more the better, for their own is the best.

3, the search engine is more and more attention to the user experience, it is necessary to please the user, the first to have a beautiful interface, good things can always attract attention, then the speed is a very important factor, if you let your users wait 4, 5 seconds to open the page, there will be quite a few people will lose patience directly choose to leave, everyone’s time is very valuable. The search engine spiders will put it himself as an ordinary user browsing, page open speed speed will affect the site’s ranking.

1, selected host space to the pursuit of "fast" and "steady", this is an old promble, there are still many webmaster in making mistakes, especially the new webmaster, a friend of me but have personal experience, the friend bought a Hongkong as the host. Is the price is very cheap, but the website launched a month later, the host space is empty, the operator suddenly disappeared disappeared, QQ can not contact, telephone hotlines, my friend is just in the website did not know the backup sites, resulting in a month of hard work down the drain. Recommend the use of domestic space, domestic space faster than foreign open speed, then foreign space often appear "wall", open the case, people are very upset.

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