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I do Shanghai dragon in a hospital, the site keywords ranking is good, there are more than 10 key words on the front page, recording and snapshot are good. The 6.28 event, love Shanghai for the medical industry to start once, but the time of our hospital station, not affected to the. Because of this policy, in 18 this month to re adjust the site keywords and title, just 22 space server problems, that day can not access, also announced the same day the upgrade algorithm meets the love of Shanghai, after a few days, check in the morning of 25, opened the website keywords all dropped to 500. Pictures are as follows:

The original

health platform and large health websites are not affected, regardless of other medical station optimization purposes, so the punishment right down, because the punishment and website Never mind too much love, Shanghai’s purpose is obvious to rectify the entire health care industry. The main purpose of personal speculation this upgrade is affected by the 360 comprehensive search, love Shanghai stock prices fell sharply, in order to improve the performance of Shanghai love, to rectify the whole medical industry, forcing the whole industry to go on the road for promotion, the price competition is more intense, promoting consumption to continue to maintain a stable performance of bidding the growth of the state.

weight 3, now turned into a weight of 0, but the recording and snapshot normal update.

since 6.28, love Shanghai for the user experience and network environment, better customer service, constantly upgrade algorithm and K station. The evening of August 24th, love Shanghai and made a big adjustment, we call the 8.25 events, the big update love Shanghai this time the punishment for the medical industry is still relatively large, I just have one or two medical industry website is love Shanghai punishment right down, as in this case to communicate with you.

so after the 8.25 event, our medical industry, the development of planning and how to decide on what path to follow?? I think now the direction of the re planning of the Shanghai dragon, the chain + simple update time has passed. We take the hospital website analysis of user needs, the user needs to understand what, good user experience and interaction. Want to recover as soon as possible right down, you should do that, in addition to the normal optimization, >

the 8.25 events have a characteristic, is the K site or other medical industry site, most of the articles are collected or pseudo original content, low quality, and there is no interaction, but the site weight can also, the weight of the 3-5 station, most of the punishment, punishment is the formation of direct right down, fell into the keyword one hundred. A friend of the gynecological hospital website, Chinaz weight 5, weight 7 love stand, the contents of the original + pseudo original, also be right down, now only 2 weight. After my careful analysis found that the hospital area is only 1-2 of the weight did not affect weight high, all right, the original weight only 1-2 instead of standing up.

Now in addition to the third party

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