The three stage of the website ranking

a lot of friends like my advice, said a few months, no ranking is why such problems, it is the site of your work is not good, because a hot industry, as long as you are a good basis for the website in the top 100 is no problem, in Fig. that very clearly, these basic things to do, do so carefully, not as long as the garbage station, the line on the website will have a good record and ranked first.

believes that reading the mind map, for ranking basic knowledge, then the detail about the key.

In fact,

outside chain chain, and code optimization are equivalent to these auxiliary agents, to further improve the website included rate and comprehensive weight.

to this link, is the most important part of the content of the website construction, the content plateau and the high degree of correlation around the core + keywords, to promote the rankings are significant, the stage relatively minor role link, the more important the construction site, followed by the friends of the chain link and.

three: the last battle (rounded out the top three ranked


two: to win the war (ranked into the top ten home page)


basically most of the sites are stuck in this step, how can get into the top three, content and do very good, the chain also has certain achievements, but still ranked top in the front page of the opponent and the end, feel very helpless, a lot of people at that time could not help but want to use black hat techniques do go up, but were finally by K.

so the focus of this paper is here, what is the reason that you can not enter the top three? The fundamental reason is because of your site as the top three web sites, then find out why it is important. The analysis of competitors, there are a lot of people do not do well, so here in detail about how to analysis the competitors and beyond:


this link is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel often encounter problems, the website ranking, but up and down, has been on page second page third or more on the location, send a link to, how not to go.

haven’t submitted, I am really busy recently, and there are a lot of friends how to rank keywords I consulted on QQ, so the system to write an article keywords ranking of three stages, hope to help novice friends. The following is the ranking of the three stages of thinking simple map:

content of the construction of this link well, the extremely popular keywords basically 80%, you can break smoothly to home. I believe, as long as you have a good website content, to help users love Shanghai will give you a chance.



: a winning strategy (ranked 100 less than

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